Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Deck the halls....

Ok, so I am a bit late with the showing of all things Christmas in my home, but better late than never! We put our tree (s) up on November 1st typically. It is such a busy time of year for Aaron and I that it is just more enjoyable for us to get it all decorated before the craziness starts.

We hope you all had a FABULOUS MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our favorite memory of the holiday this year was on Christmas Eve. We popped some cookies in the oven when we arrived home at 10pm and while they baked I read The Christmas Story to AJ and JP. The four od us sat on the couch all snuggled together smelling yummy cookies and reading under the glow of the twinkling lights. It was awesome. It was topped off by BOTH children falling asleep in my arms just as I reached the end of the story. So we scooped them up put them to bed, left cookies and milk for santa, carrots for the reindeer, and off we went to bed at 11pm. It was magical!

This is the little people Christmas village.

A child friendly nativity by playmobil.

another child friendly plush nativity

The famous little people nativity. This 'box' is a 12' long box that serves as storage for excess toys, as well as extra seating for watching pool tournaments in our family room.

This is the playmobil christmas house that sits on our coffee table in the family room.

This is the family room christmas tree which has colored lights and is decorated with family ornaments through the years.

This is the playroom christmas tree which has colored lights and sports and princess ornaments. don't you just love the castle play house my dad built for AJ.

This is JP's special nativity. He loves decorating his desk himself.

This is my favorite nativity, which sits on top of our mantel. I did not know until after I took the picture that someone had put a baby pig where Jesus should be. Hmm...I wonder who did that?

This is where JP displayed all his gingerbread creations for the holiday season. Normally I wouldn't do that, but he was so proud of his creations!

This old world santa is in the living room upstairs. we also have fun with the snowman tic tac toe on the bottom shelf.

OK since you are probably getting tired of looking I thought maybe you should turn your head sideways for this one! :) This is the tree and first stockings we had as a family. They now find their home in the master bedroom.

This is AJ's tree with purple lights in her surfer girl bedroom. The sun was a bit bright so the pic is a tad dark.

This is JP's tree in his bedroom. He is a bit of a penguin fan, so he made an elaborate setup in which NO ONE is to touch. All his plush penguins are set up at the base of the tree with presents intertwined amongst them.

this is the kids fishy bathroom, which in the next couple of weeks will be getting a formal face lift into a more adult theme since it is the main bathroom company uses.

This is the entry table where I change the photos according to the season. The gold tray stays there year round and is where christmas cards are put, along with baby announcements etc.

this is our dining room table, which I love, but I am disappointed in its durability with children. So as beautiful as it is we don't use it.

This is our breakfast nook. JP bought me the placemats and chair covers for my birthday last year. They look really cute in here! this is where the kids always eat, now that the fancy table is off limits. I love this table, it is an antique farm table meant for rough and tough people. The chairs I picked up 10 years ago at a flea market and they are 2 sets of antique chairs with leather seats.

last but not least is my favorite tree the 9 1/2 foot clear light mom decorated tree in our living room. With coordinated wrapped gifts of course! I love this tree.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Now it is time for me to find room for all the toys Santa and family blessed us with.
wish me luck, I am going to need it!


michelle said...

Yeah! I just told Shelley this morning I'm still looking forward to your Christmas tour!

WOW! Your living room tree is fabulous!

I love the picture of A giving her big brother a kiss on the cheek! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love all your trees and decorations, but I am REALLY impressed with that castle! That is awesome! Back to the decorations, your home looks so festive, and I know you kids must enjoy the season surrounded by all those wonderful things!

shelley said...

Great job! I'm glad you joined in on the tour! Good luck with the "finding of spots for the toys", mission...I'm about 1/2 way through mine!

Teresa said...

I love your home! So pretty and so many trees! HOw long does it take you to put it all away?!?! Good for you! You've gotta post a pic of your Christmas card cause I'm dying to see your deal!!!

Rochelle said...

I love the Little Peoples set!! I want one!