Saturday, December 29, 2007

It was a good year, I remember it well...

One thing I love about the holidays is the movies. Not new movies at the theater, but old movies on the tv. I enjoy watching the 'made for tv' Christmas movies on lifetime, as well as the classics the cable channels show. Tonight while my sweet husband was watching NFL history(in case you don't know the Patriots are attempting to do the very rare thing that is play an undefeated regular season making television history by being simulcast on 4 different networks. This is HUGE, or so I am told.), i stumbled upon a classic.

The year was 1988. The movie is one I can remember watching over and over again, and even now as an adult I love seeing it. It doesn't even seem real that 1988 was 20 years ago! Seriously where has the time gone?

So during commercial breaks I wondered about the year 1988, so I googled it. Definitely not something we could have done in 1988. I am not sure our Commodore 64 with the black screen and green letters, could have even handled something like the internet. My how things have changed!

The movie description is this: A wishing machine turns a boy into a 35 year old man with a fun job and a girlfriend.

Do you know it yet?

Maybe this will ring a bell:


Ok. now you got it!

BIG. I love that movie and quite frankly they just don't make movies like they used to.
So here are a few interesting facts I found on the 1988 website, I left out the 482 different news clips on Mike Tyson--he had a crazy year. Here you go:

February 23 Chicago gives Cubs right to install lights and play up to 18 night games
June 3 "Big," premieres in U.S.
August 17 Republicans nominate George H. W. Bush for president
August 28 40th Emmy Awards: 30something, Wonder Years and Richard Kiley
September 10 Hurricane Gilbert, kills 300 in Jamaica, Texas and Yucatan
September 25 Florence Griffith Joyner runs Olympic record 100m in 10.54s
September 30 IBM announces shipment of 3 millionth PS/2 personal computer

September 30 Los Angeles Dodger Orel Herschiser breaks former Dodger Don Drysdale mark by pitching 59 consecutive scoreless innings
October 1 Mikhail Gorbachev becomes president of Soviet Union
October 19 Senate passes bill curbing ads during children's TV shows
October 31 1st Monday Night NFL game in Indianapolis, Colts beat Denver 55-23
November 8 George Bush beats Mike Dukakis for presidency


shelley said...

And I was 11 years old! I remember all of that, especially the election and the movie Big! Ahh, the late 80's!

Carissa said...

i'm ignoring shelley's comment that she was 11 years old. that is just not right. but anyway, i LOVED the movie big. i went to fao schwartz after that and wanted to have as much fun as he did!!! : )