Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My new BFF

Sunday afternoon I was driving home from the giftshop and right there in the middle of the expressway I saw the vision of our family Christmas card. I briefly let off the gas as I viewed this amazing card that blocked my vision of the road.

Then it was gone and the excitement filled me, so I sped home ready to launch into Christmas card 2007 photo taking.

We needed to leave for a Christmas party when I got home, so the children were already dressed. As I leaped into the house, I announced, "CHANGE OF PLANS!"

I burst into the kids closets and began throwing clothes out and asking everyone to change. Luckily the kids saw my excitement and did not argue with the need to cooperate in changing yet again.

So outside we went with tripod in hand to capture the right photo, when MY DAD walked down the street. "aaah" Perfect Dad can take the picture. THere are definite advantages to having your parents 2 doors down the street.

The perfect picture was captured, so off we went to the Christmas party just 15 minutes late. Fashionable, right?

When we got home I immediately began working on the card. Everything was smooth until it was time to print. I actually had not used my printer since probably last Christmas, so it was making all kinds of grumps and groans and not working up to its ability. So once again, down to my parents to their printer.

Still not the quality I was envisioning. So to bed I went.

Monday morning I woke ready to give up the envisioned card and just go to Sam's. After calling though, I would be unable to get my card for 2 days and all that driving.


Staples called my name with their photo copiers. I'll try that.

Yea, not so much. THe copy worked fine, except for cutting off half the card because their self-copying directions were , well written in Chinese. Not to mention the cost was 14 cents more than they told me. So I left staples with a 53 cent charge on my credit card.

Off to Sir Speedy. I walked in feeling a bit discouraged and held up my "artwork" like a proud child, "Can you color copy this with 2 to a page, pretty please?"

The man with the VERY blue eyes says yes, but I can get 3 on a page.

3! you are saving me money! Whoohoo!

Then he asks if I want cardstock, at no extra charge. Seriously? Well yes I want cardstock.

Excitement building.

Then he tells me they will be ready TODAY. I may have leaped with joy.

So at 5 pm I had my dear husband pick up my cards, which by the way Ole blue eyes even CUT for me! It is probabaly a good thing I did not pick them up because I might have climbed across the counter to give blue eyes a kiss because did I mention yet that the 75 cardstock cards already cut up only cost $9.50.

And we all know I love a bargain. I will sooo be using Sir Speedy next year, only probably in November!


Carissa said...

that is a great post! i was totally caught up in the story. and i love how you called him "ole blue eyes." too funny! that post made me smile. thanks! and congrats on the great deal! nothing feels better than that!

shelley said...

Maybe you should take "Ole Blue Eyes" some cookies!

I can't wait to see your card!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

You have to share it with us!

Janelle said...

Can't wait to see this perfect card!

Alana said...

Can't wait to see it. And you better MAIL it after the hard time you gave me the other night ;-)