Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh little town of Target...

We just arrived home from the Windy City. AJ drove the sleigh fabulously! The trip was great!

4 days
3 nights
3 states
24 hours of driving
33 hours shopping
8 restaurants
1 lost blankie
1 lost pair of sunglasses
1 banilla bear
1 lil baby Jesus
1 Susie
12 times watching my little pony
2 days of snow falling
6 elbows sharp running through a store
hours of fun laughing and giggling
and finished Christmas lists!

One of the most hysterically funny things was listening to AJ play babies on the drive. At one point she put 'lil baby Jesus' in timeout for jumping on 'susie' because we don't jump on people just trampolines.

It was also quite interesting the looks we got when AJ addressed her baby in the restaurants. Especially when she announced that Jesus need to go poo poo in her diaper. And yes Jesus was a baby girl, born from the aisles of Target. AJ fell in love with that baby and insisted on naming her Jesus after 5 minutes of calling her Billie Bah first.

Today she is still Jesus.


Carissa said...

hilarious that she named her baby doll jesus. that is sweet!!! welcome home!

Celeste said...

Haha! That is funny. At least she's creative. Elle names every baby "Baby OurLastName".

dawn said...

Very funny!

When my sister was a very little girl, she had an Ernie doll because she loved Bert and Ernie.

One Christmas she received a beautiful baby know the ones with the sweet bald head, the eyes that open and close and the smocked pick dress. Anytime someone asked her what her sweet little baby's name was she would say "Bert."

Because her Ernie doll needed a Bert.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

That is so sweet and funny! I love the sleigh picture. Glad you had a good trip!

Alana said...

The interaction between Jesus and Susie is too funny.

Love the sleigh pic. Glad you're home!

shelley said...

That is Good Stuff! Someday she will crack herself up when she reads these stories about when she was little!

Janelle said...

Glad you had fun! Love the Christmas outfit...very sassy.