Thursday, December 20, 2007


The other day AJ and I had a leisurely morning. These are rare for us. We virtuely never stay home while bub is at school.

As we snuggled on the couch and watched 'a little girl' show, something hit me. A wake-up call if you will. AJ had asked me if I would just carry her to the bathroom.

Right then I realized the days of carrying her are so very limited. Everyday she becomes more independent. So I made her a promise that I will always stop to snuggle her or carry her when she asks.

Now I am aware it will be a tough one, but I have to do it. Every year seems to go faster than the previous and before I know it there won't be any little people left in my house.

The best part about this little promise, is that it came on a day when I should have been at school helping with a craft I sent in. Now rarely do I decline to help anyone, but when Ms. M asked if I would like to come do the craft with the kids, I declined. Wow. So big for me!


dawn said...

Good for you Jen. You are filtering what needs to be done, what can wait and what you need to say NO to. Great job!

shelley said...

You're right, our days ARE limited. Good for you to spend that "cuddle" time with AJ. Those are special moments!

Carissa said...

way to go jenn! i really think that is a great victory. happy for you! enjoy all that sweet!

Janelle said...

Our choices matter. It sounds like you made a good one.

Anonymous said...

Great post! My Best Girl likes to be held A LOT! I have to remind myself to cherish it. I know she won't want me to forever!

Alana said...

William has always been such a cuddler. I'm sad to say the cuddles are getting shorter. Get as many as you can for as long as you can!

Good for you at saying "no". I'm a work in progress with this, but I'm growing in this area. There is freedom in the "no"!