Saturday, December 8, 2007

A swift kick in the...

3 long long days my computer has been acting up.

Do you think it is possible for the chemical make-up of one person to be completely harmful to computers? It is quite possible that every computer I touch blows up. I mean we are talking blue screen of death kinda thing.

Could it be true?

For 3 LONG days I have been unable to check my email from home.

You see I have been unable to use the 8, I, K, and comma keys. So I have been unable to log on since those keys are used in my logon name and or passwords.

Majorly frustrating.

So today I picked up the wireless keyboard and mouse my mom had for me to use. Now she used to use this very laptop with the wireless keyboard combo, with no problems.

Not so much for me.

I tried EVERYTHING to get the keyboard set up. I got the mouse set up no problem, but a mouse is really no good if you can't type letters.

So out of pure frustration I SLAMMED my hand down on the keyboard, locked it up, shut it down, and VOILA.....


When all else fails just kick, smack, slap, or maybe even throw the computer to get it to do what ya want!



shelley said...

Interesting theory...I'm glad it worked for you! Good to see you bloggin' again!

Alana said...

OR you could buy a MAC. No slamming, kicking, or cursing required ;-)

Carissa said...

oh you MAC users...enough already! (said with love alana!) jen...can't believe that worked. you go girl!