Friday, January 4, 2008

Bulls in a china shop...

Yesterday the kids and I finally rose about 10am with nothing to do, so we decided to hop in the car and drive 40 miles to buy peanut butter.

We love us some peanut butter.

Specifically JIF creamy double jumbo pack from Sam's.


After we retrieved our precious peanut butter, we sat down for a very tasty pizza lunch. Because everyone knows the best pizza does not come from New York or Chicago, but from Sam's Wholesale Club.

Now if you have ever had a slice of Sam's pizza then you know that a slice is really like TWO slices. In my head we only needed two slices because the kids would share. It was a really good thing I wasn't hungry because I only got 3 bites before both kids were telling me don't eat all that mom, I want more. So both children out ate me, but I didn't mind because they were so well behaved and polite.

On the way home, because yes we did just drive 40 miles for just peanut butter and pizza, I decided let's stop at an antique shop to look for sports stuff for JP's room.

As soon as we got in the antique shop I felt my heart POUNDING and breath shortening. What was I thinking taking my 3 year old without a stroller into a breakable everything is lots of money shop???

I guess I still had my proud mama chest all puffed out from the several strangers who commented on the manners and good behavior of my pizza eating kiddos.

Just as I started to think that we should go, we turned a corner and found a giant bucket of MCD toys 2 for $1. PERFECT.

I was able to scour 4 booths surrounding the MCD bucket and they each picked 2 toys to 'earn' with good behavior as we shopped.

Once I stopped panicking and just trusted AJ to not touch, we had a great time finding old sports treasures. JP chose an old hockey helmet, a catchers mask, a tennis ball tin, 2 tennis rackets, old ice skates, & a football tin sign. AJ fell in love with a stuffed piggy that we had to go back to find, thankfully Miss Piggy was just $1. That is my favorite price point. :)

I am so glad we needed peanut butter because it was such a fun day topped with ice cream on the way home.


Alana said...

Those days are the best...when all is as it should be!

Can't wait to see the new room!

michelle said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! It is so much fun to explore antique stores because you never know what treasure you might discover!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

shelley said...

Maybe that's what I should do tomorrow...Another day at home might just send me over the edge...