Monday, January 21, 2008

The long road home...

It is amazing how a road that is so familar to you, can be at the same time so scary.

Normally the road I take to go from town to home is easily navigated even with 2 kids hollering, asking for gummy snacks, mommy retrieving dropped things from the backseat floor, music blaring, sun shining, hair fixing, etc.

Tonight, however, was different. I was by myself in the quiet dark car praying every 10 feet my car rolled. It is amazing how a little bit of precipitation can change a familiar road so easily.

There are 2 routes from my house to town, the 'freeway' and the 'curvy mountain road'. This was the first time in my whole 21 years in this town, that I have ever seen the 'curvy mountain road' without dozens of cars scattered about due to the quick sleet. Part of the 'curvy mountain road' was closed so I had to either wait on the side of the mountain with another 20 cars, or turn around and hope to make it back to town. I opted to turn around and make my way back to town to hit the 'freeway'. Luckily the 'freeway' had been salted and I thought I was in the clear, until I exited the 'freeway' onto the other end of the 'curvy mountain road'. At that time I was greeted by the not so encouraging deputy who said and I quote, "we haven't salted the 'big tree all down hill curvy back mountain road' yet so you can either pull up ahead and wait it out with the others or you can give it a shot"

Oh so encouraging he was.


So as I pulled up the hill I see my good friend testing out her stunt moves in the middle of the road. She is really good at em! :) Anyhoo I decided I better pull over and wait it out.

The wait was not long because apparently a nice neighbor had either salted or tried the road into the neighborhood and passed the info along.

Thanks neighbor!

After a trip across town that would normally take 15 minutes in the worst of traffic, I arrived home 1 hour and 10 minutes later. Driving 5 miles an hour adds a bit of time to the trip and had I not just had a fabulous girls night game night, I might not have been as relaxed.


Carissa said...

seriously...i had no idea it got that bad. and there we were...just sitting at my house without a care in the world. who knew!!! so sorry it was so hard to get home. that is awful!!!

Alana said...

That was a LONG ROAD HOME! Scary stuff, friend. I'm so thankful we both made it home. Yikes!

Rochelle said...

Oh.... I don't miss driving in that... at. all. I am so glad all turned out well!!

Janelle said...

Glad you both got home safe and sound.

Shelley said...

I'm glad you and Alana made it all OK. It was crazy, it seemed fine, and the WHAM! Sometimes I forget how fast it can get yucky!