Friday, January 25, 2008

The phone call you NEVER want to make...

You know you have a great friend when...

Tonight I started to pour my son some apple juice, when I noticed it was umm chunky. My thoughts immediately went to the message I received a few hours earlier:

"Hi just wanted to let you know Austin threw up after leaving your house, on the way to school. You might want to lysol down the stuff he played with. Maybe he was just carsick, or maybe it was the full strength juice because he doesn't have it very often...."

I gasped in the middle of the kitchen and told Aaron, "Oh my Austin drank this fermented chunky old Apple juice today, and then he started throwing up after he left."

Thoughts of food poisoning were crossing my mind and freaking me out. What if this crazy apple juice was potent enough to be like moonshine or something? AAH!

So I picked up the phone to call and no answer. I tried the cell phone and no answer.

Oh my what if they are at the ER.

So I went to the computer to look up bad old apple juice poisoning on webmd and ended up crashing the computer. Just as I was bringing the computer back to life, Austin's momma called.

I asked how Austin was doing. She said he was better and at his Nana's.

Shew I was thinking. She went on to say maybe it was the full strength juice followed by the rushed drive to school through the curvy mountain road.

So that is when I brought up this, "There is a distinct possibility that the apple juice Austin drank at my house was bad."

Pause waiting for my good friend to react.

she said, "Oh I actually would like that better than the idea that we have infected your house, Nana's house, and grammy's house with a flu bug."

She liked it, she really like it!

You know you have an AWESOME friend when you can say, I think I poisoned your child and she still likes ya! Love ya Shelley! So glad little man is ok!

disclaimer: i really don't know how the old apple juice got passed me, I am the expiration date nazi and discard potentially bad foods even when Aaron thinks they are still good. Apparently I am human and thus I made a mistake.


Alana said...

I actually like that option better, too, since I was holding and cuddling on Austin like there was no tomorrow. Flu and birthday weekend do not go well together ;-)

Also, thinking I had the need for a Coke on the way to your house :-)

Shelley said...

These experiences are what shape our lives, and our friendship!

I really did like that option better, I mean 1 bout of throw-ups with a little food/drink poisoning, verses who knows how many bouts with the stomach flu...I'd definately pick the first option!

Austin is just fine today, maybe a little TOO fine! While I cleaned his carseat, which may just be a blog post in itself, he utterly destroyed the playroom and living room! Seriously Jen, don't feel bad, it could happen to any one of us, and honestly, it probably will!

Thanks for the fun playdate! Next time I'll bring the Apple juice!

Janelle said...

Fun times! This is the stuff good stories are made of. You will be laughing about this for years to come.

Carissa said...

YUCK! but funny at the same time!!

Rochelle said...

What a good friend! Felt a little guilty laughing at this post, but it was funny! Hope all is feeling well now!

Pam said...

So glad everyone is okay and friendships were made stronger.