Thursday, January 10, 2008

A tearful day...

Yesterday was a big day in AJ's life. It was sure to be a tearful day, for I finally felt I was brave enough to get her first haircut. She is 3 1/2 in just a couple of weeks. Can you see her excitement?

Her gorgeous princess hair was all the way to her bottom and had become not so fun to manage. She has a sensitive head, so brushing was not usually fun.
Her brother was taken on an 8 hour road trip to a fun kids hair cut place, but luckily one has opened up near us for AJ. So on a whim we hopped in the car and headed to the 'city'.

Here is the first cut and therefore; the first tear. MY BABY got her haircut.

She sat in the only pink car and watched Dora. She was so big.

When she was done they gave her a new clippie and a purple balloon. She loved her new princess hair.
Upon leaving the salon, we decided we needed to shop. Every girl should go shopping after a trip to the salon. We headed to hobby lobby when yet more tears were shed.
Tears of Joy I tell ya!
I have never stumbled into a store on the very morning they have price dropped their Christmas to 90% off!!!!!
Seriously folks!
I was quite reserved in my purchases because although the lights were only 29 cents I knew we didn't NEED them. Aren't you so proud of me???
I walked out of there for $19.97. And that was with my $4 of stuff I actually went for!
I was able to get everything I needed to decorate JP's tree in sports next year.
With a smile on my face we finished our day in the 'city' and proceeded to race home in time to pick JP up from school.
Later in the evening I took JP to gymnastics where he works out for 2 hours. It is just short enough time to not really drop him and go back home, so I stayed there. Now 2 hours is too long to just sit there, so I felt obligated to go upstairs and workout.
I did 25 minutes on the eliptical and then got on the bike to read. I got so into the book I lost track of time and 10 miles and 1 hour later I knew for sure I would have TEARS of PAIN the next day.


Celeste said...

Yay for A! I finally cut Elle's hair again because, like you said, those long ends really contribute to the tangles. Gotta love cookie cutters!

Carissa said...

how post today is about a little girl haircut! congrats to a! and to you. big day for both of you!

Janelle said...

That's how old Lou was too. Somethings are just too hard to cope with. I am proud of you and the hair sure looks healthy!

10 miles? I hope you can walk today!

Sherri said...

It looks like she had a great time at her first haircut!!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

What a momentous day! My Best Girl didn't get her haircut until close to her third birthday either. She loved it!

Gotta run! I think I need to go to Hobby Lobby!

Alana said...

Glad she had a great experience! So strange to think of her just having her first haircut...another difference between boys and girls, I guess!

shelley said...

Her new princess hair looks great! And I'm so glad she got the Pink car! Hope you're not too sore!