Friday, February 29, 2008

My little helper...

It is so easy to teach kids the importance of chores, when they are so willing. Let's hope this lasts into her teenage years!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Card me PLEASE...

Aaron and I ventured to Wal-mart Supercenter for a recent date.

I know we are wild people.

Anyhoo we had a lovely time choosing food without hands flailing from the cart and snack foods being thrown from the shelf into the cart. OK well maybe I did throw a few snack foods in while he wasn't looking, I did learn from the kids.

We made our way to the checkout with our mass quantities of family friendly foods and our half a cow worth of milk. I was a bit sad when the elderly lady did not card us for the beverages we purchased, but I shrugged it off. I figured she knew we must be over 21 what with all the gummy snacks and danimals yogurt we were buying.

Then we arrived home and I read my receipt. Imagine my EXTREME unhappiness when I read this:

"All customers appearing to be UNDER the age of 40 will be asked to provide proof of age by showing proper id. Customers under legal age or without proper id, will not be permitted to purchase alcohol or tobacco products. "

Thank you for your cooperation.

WHAT?! I looked 40. That is 4-0. As in FORTY. The number that comes after 39. The number that I am indeed 11 years away from. That is eleven LONG years. My oldest child will be driving when I am 40.

Seriously I don't know if that gal should be fired because she didn't follow policy, or because she grossly offended me.

I mean seriously what a bummer, especially on my hot date at the grocery store of all places.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fortune Cookies...

As I reached for a second fortune cookie tonight, Aaron asked me what the 'rule' is about multiple fortune cookies. I didn't know there was one. Is there one?

Do you think if you have more than one fortune cookie that the second fortune voids the first? Or maybe that neither fortune is true?

I just couldn't resist a second cookie, they were so tasty!

Here are the fortunes:

Aaron's : There is beauty in simplicity.

My first one: The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by wanting more.

My second one: Good luck bestows upon you. You will get what your heart desires.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The smell of soccer is in the air...

The end of the basketball season opens the door to the beginning of a new season. A sport that would be voted number one in the Baby Dolls and Soccer Balls house. In just a few short weeks the warmth of spring will peek around the corner and the grass will grow taller. The birds will chirp and the flowers bud. Saturday mornings will be spent sitting on a sideline enjoying the screams of encouraging parents. Soccer season is upon us.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Try not to go crazy today honey...

Famous last words of my dear husband as he braved the treacherous conditions to head to work, on this second snow day.

"Try not to go crazy today honey."

Did he look at the surroundings we currently call home before he left? How could I not go crazy?

The boy decided that since there was no school he would stay up all night.

First let me just say thank you to my mother for allowing a six year old to take a TWO HOUR nap. I do believe in naps, but only when they work to MY advantage. As JP said it was Grandma's fault because she did rock him. Oh great who am I to argue with a Grandma who wants to rock the baby boy who is growing so fast into a little man.

So, well rested the boy set out to stay up all night. His only rule was to turn the lights off when he finally went to bed.

Sometime in the middle of the night a foot appeared in my ear and a head in Aaron's back. The strength of the kicks could only be the boy. I opened one eye to see the figure that is quickly growing into a big boy.

THEN I hear wrappers. Not big dudes with chains kinda rappers, but foil food wrappers at the foot of my bed. I crawl to the end of the bed to peer upside down at AJ, who is surrounded by packaging. The highly coveted "berries", aka fruit roll-ups fruit stackerz.

So off I went to the kitchen to lock-up the rest of the "berries", although the extreme disappointment I expressed to that wide eyed 3 year old at 5 am was enough to make her never eat them again. I rounded the corner from my bedroom into the kitchen and living room and the only thought that came to mind was:

The place was lit up like the vegas strip. Kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom, JP's room, and AJ's room all had the lights on. Not to mention cabinets open, games strewn about, and complete zoos set up.
After everything was shut down I tried to fall blissfully back to sleep, but was highly unsucessful. Aaron left for work about 6:30 in which he leaned over to say goodbye and I replied, "remove the children from our room."
In hindsight I should have just removed myself because as soon as he lifted the 50 pound sack of taters that is my son, the boy woke for the day. So there I was left with 2 kids, both working on less the 5 hours sleep.
I tried to sleep a little longer, ok a lot longer, but the choas was unbelievable. Screams from the living room, bangs from the kitchen, and thuds from the basement.
When I finally emerged from my den, I was apalled. A tornado had hit through the ENTIRE house. Top to bottom and bottom to top! The kids were sent to their rooms where, thankfully, it has been quite for almost an hour.
I shall go make a hearty brunch, enough to give me the energy to clean up after the tornado.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flying to the moon...

The sun broke the morning sky with the most beautiful of sparkling rays. The ground was covered with a wet blanket of glistening snow.

It was not much, but it was enough to spark extreme excitement within the eyes of a 3 year old. A 3 year old who had the ENTIRE yard covered in the white wet goodness, to herself. The excitement was heard before she was even seen, as the pitter patter of feet scurried across the living room through the kitchen and into my room.

"It really snowed, mommy! Can we play outside?"

Although patience is not really one of AJ's strong suits, she did manage to contain her excitement for at least an hour while I continued to blissfully rest. I laid there just listening to her pure excitement as she danced around the living room, singing.

When I exited the bedroom, I was greeted with sparkling eyes and a heaping PILE of winter hats, gloves, and scarves.

"Do you want to go to the moon with me, mommy?"


"Just hop on..." she exclaimed pointing to the arm of the couch.

I obliged sitting behind her on the couch arm.

"Now you just slide off..."

Easiesr for her than me, but I did it.

"Now you just hop, hop, hop, and then we get dressed."

It is not often that I enjoy a morning trip to the moon, but this morning was particularly wonderful. It was the first time AJ had ever enjoyed a snow morning by herself. The yard filled with unspoiled fresh snow, ready for her sweet little footprints. She ran out giddy, grasping a handful of snow right down to the bare grass and ever so gently tasted her morning treat.

The magic and wonder was so sweet that it was sad to see it all melted by 11 am. I am so thankful I put aside the mornings chores to 'fly to the moon'...

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'll toot his horn for him...

JP is a very well rounded boy. He is the type of child who thrives on activity. School being the number one priority in our house, has forced him to have to make choices in his interests.
He is passionate about sports. The boy was born the strongest baby alive, he was holding his head up from the moment he arrived. Never far from a ball, it is almost impossible to get this boy to come in from the outdoors.
When he does come in from the cold, he warms up his brain with math. Do you remeber he is the boy who asked for a math journal for Christmas. He is on Rocket Math right now, which has been a fun 1 minute timed test. His record right now is 40 problems correct. 40!
His newest interest is music. Somewhere between all the soccer, basketball, football, baseball, golf, and gymnastics practices he would like to learn to play the guitar. We will hold out on that one for his Uncle, who teaches guitar in the nearest 'big' city.
When JP was 3 and an only child, I signed him up for art camp. I thought it would be a good experience to get him used to the idea of pre-school. Looking at his paintings at 3 and looking at AJ's 3 1/2 year old paintings today, I know that he has a definite talent. He has continued to love art, so much so that we built him an 'art studio' in the garage. He amazes me at his creations. He loves clay, paint, canvases, rocks, wires, empty containers... The boy makes titanic ships out of an old paper bowl and 2 capri sun boxes. There are clay penguins, clay surf boards, clay hearts all over my house. He sketches amazing pictures of animals. And then he paints. His paintings have become true works of art. He has a definite vision of the work before he even begins. This most recent painting he has spent 2 separate sessions on to complete. I know I am partial, but it is awesome! I love how the penguin is surfing out of the crashing wave and the different hues of blue just make me feel like the water is splashing on to me as I stand on the beach watching. Do you see the streaks of the morning sunshine splashing the sky? aah...

ugh...I should have taken a better photo. I was messing with the natural light.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'll get you, my pretty and your little dog too...

What is this world coming to when you are not allowed to use photography or videography of ANY kind during a HIGHSCHOOL musical theatre performance?

I really think that is seriously ridiculous.

On a side note AJ did her best 3 year old interruption during the quiet moment between acts of Wizard of OZ, when she exclaimed with exuberance:

"The wicked witch is DEAD, daddy! Bub, the wicked witch is DEAD! She's REALLY dead."

Did ya'll hear that up front? It was soooo loud I was sure the whole auditorium heard, as laughter erupted around us.

Oh well, whattya gonna do?

I just smiled with pride.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The burning question...

How many green grapes would YOU say is too many for one 35 pound 3 1/2 year old?

Friday, February 15, 2008

PLEASE don't forget us, toothfairy...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a toothless grin!

Daddy arrived home today and we finally remembered to take a moment and PULL that silly tooth that has caused much hillbilly laughter in our house.
I must say I was not prepared for this 3rd tooth to come out. The top two teeth just seem like such a big thing. I was not prepared for how incredibly different he would look without that top tooth. I cannot believe how this baby boy of mine is growing so quickly into such a remarkable young man. His courage and kindness amaze me daily.
Lucky for me a fun evening of bowling is planned with the BESTEST of friends. I shall sob on their shoulders at the thought of my boy growing so quickly! Can he really be almost 7???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

A little afternoon natural light photo shoot for some Valentines Fun...followed by homemade sugar cookies AND a homemade heart shaped pizza! Yum.
AJ 3 1/2 JP almost 7

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS! My sister made it through surgery wonderfully and is resting nicely in the hospital. She should come home tomorrow. Thank you all again, I am amazed how this "blog thing" is so much more than just a thing. Just knowing that there are people scattered about the country who are praying for each other is so comforting.

I read this scripture this morning and it has stuck with me throughout the day:

"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valen-times Day, as AJ says.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WordFULL Wednesday, A prayer request...

On this wordless wednesday I need to have words, so I bring to you WORDFULL WEDNESDAY. It is the best of both worlds, pictures and words.

Tomorrow on Valentines Day, my lil' sister Becky will be having surgery.

On Valentines Day?

Well she never really thought much of a greeting card company initiated holiday anyhow. Plus she just wants to get the surgery over with and this was the soonest date.

She is having her thyroid removed. An incision will be made in her neck and then the thyroid will be removed. Recovery varys from person to person. Some people are back to normal in just days, others take weeks. We are praying for the days.

She is a great person. A fabulous Aunt to my kids even though she lives 8 hours away. She is a great student in grad school. She is a great wife, at least in my opinion. ;) She loves animals. She is athletic, fun, caring, gifted, funny, smart, and kind. She volunteers as a Big Sister and is a Den Leader for Cub Scouts. She runs a challenge course at her MAJOR university, which she just received a very prestigious national award for. She is fun.

I hope that you will pray with me for her. I pray for wisdom for the surgeon's and peace for my sister. I pray for a quick recovery. I pray for healing all around. I also pray for safe travels for my mom as she drives north in the icy, snowy weather.

Thank you for your prayers!

And now I will leave you with some pictures...

Gotta love the matching outfits! I think we are 3 and 1 or 4 and 1 1/2 here

Here we are at the family business. We are cute, aren't we.

The newlywed (me) and the high school graduate (bec).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just Joking...

Today I learned a very valuable lesson.

Jokes are meant to be funny.

I did not tell my serious perfect attendance (his goal is perfect through highschool) son that school was cancelled for Tuesday, even though I received the text at just after 7pm LAST night. I was hoping the children would remain calm and go to bed as normal, allowing Aaron and I to just relax.

It worked! Both kids were out by 8:30. Avery is a nightowl who requires very little sleep, so you could say I was ecstatic! She never sleeps before 10 and always rises before 8.

I was able to finish scrapbooking when it was evident the satellite was not going to cooperate with us, even when my sweet husband risked life and limb to climb up to the roof to de-ice the dish. His efforts were valiant, but futile.

Anyway, back to the joke.

This morning JP came wandering into my room as I lay sleeping.

JP- Mom don't I have school?

Me- groggy...What I thought you already left.


ME- it is past start time

JP- roars MOM, starts to cry and attack me

ME- its ok there is no school...I was just kidding

JP- tackles me and we both laugh

From that I saw how serious he really is about his perfect attendance. I guess it is good to have goals and be passionate about them...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter dreary...

Once again we find ourselves iced over by mother nature, an incident that is happening far too frequently for my liking. As a result there is no school, on a Monday.

On a Monday that my boy was actually really looking forward too. You see today was his day to leave school excused for lunch at the local pizza buffet.

Doesn't sound that exciting does it?

Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that he gets to ride in a HUMMER LIMO over to the pizza place.

To say that he was excited might be an understatement, afterall he did wake ready for the day at 5am.


Thirty minutes later his excitement was squashed when I received the text on my cell saying school was cancelled.

Major bummer for all involved. JP sad about no school, mommy sad that daddy went to work, and AJ needing her mommy only time.

So not to disappoint my LARGE following, I scrounged through the computer and stumbled upon two of my favorite photos.

My Dad with each of my newborn babies.

My Dad is an awesome Dad. And an awesome Grandpa. Living just 2 doors down, my kids both love to go running down to play. Grandpa always has his goody jar full of rolos and he always has birdseed for AJ to feed her birdies. He loves watching JP play sports and even took time this year to make a pine wood derby car for the adult division. He builds forts, tents, and lincoln log cities. He makes pancakes with AJ and pizzas with JP. He can fix anything and build anything. He is patient, tolerant, kind, caring, loveable, honest, and hard working. He is a great guy.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Puppy dog eyes, pouty lips, and Jay Leno chins...

At some point during development AJ was given the power of persuasion. She is a spunky one.

She is strong, demanding, kind, caring, passionate, imaginative, sweet, honest, and just full of life.

Most three year olds do have an amazing ability to wrap their parents around their little finger with some sort of signature act.

Some would say their children have puppy dog eyes.

Some might say their children have powerful pouty lips.

I would not say those things about AJ.

I would say she has the power of the Jay Leno chin.

That's right. And let me tell you it is just sooo attractive.

Everytime AJ asks us for something she comes running over saying please, but then she juts her chin waaaaaayyy out and holds her face that way until you comply.

A picture doesn't even do it justice.

Maybe it was all the late night television I watched while nursing her. Did you know Leno is on at 10:30 as well as 3am?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Time is a ticking...


Lately I have been taking note of my clocks.

Sitting in my bedroom I can see 5 clocks. Here is what they say:

7:06 --tv
7:06 --cell
7:23--clock on my side of bed
7:37--clock on Aaron's side of bed
10:11--wall clock that stopped who knows how long ago

Yesterday I noticed as I rushed to school thinking I was late for pick-up, that really I was early. Aaron's car is 7 minutes slow, my car is 5 minutes fast. I was in his car.

Aaron's alarm clock is 31 minutes fast. My alarm clock is 15 minutes fast.

I used to be able to say that I am a very punctual person. I still am a very punctual person when it comes to school, childrens activities, and appointments. I am not however punctual when it comes to meeting up with friends and family. This was a decision Aaron and I made when we decided it was better to show up a bit late to a full group of people, rather than show up on time and be by ourselves. This way we spend those extra waiting minutes at our house cleaning up or such.

Now let me tell you what my bedroom sounds like in the morning.

To quote my husband, "It's like being in the middle of a minefield."

First Aaron's clock goes off with a EH-EH-EH-EH-EH.

Seconds later my clock goes off with whatever crazy pop song is playing on the radio. And it is a gradual quiet to roaring LOUD.

As soon as I whack the radio, Aaron's cell phone starts vibrating in the bathroom, LOUDLY.

Then LABAMBA starts wailing from my cell phone.

Of course if you only hit snooze on each of those the whole orchestra of noise is repeated in 3 minutes or less.

Neurotic, you might think?


The thought of oversleeping literally FREAKS me out. Just the thought puts me into labored breathing.

Did I mention that my alarm and Aaron's alarm both go off 30 minutes and 45 minutes after we get up.

That is right there are 6 alarms in our room. As well as the tv. I sleep with the tv on.

My name is JP's MOM and I have a time problem.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday 13...

13 crazy things that occured on Wednesday:

1. Had to tape JP's pinkie finger to his ring finger, as it was possible it was broken due to a basketball injury the previous evening.

2. Rushed the boy out the house because it was a bit icy and the finger taping took too long.

3. 2 fail safes failed and the boy got to school WITHOUT his library book, just 3 days after I claimed: HE NEVER FORGETS HIS BOOK! chaotic mornings are not my friend.

4. AJ throws minor temper at giftshop increases my stress level.

5. pick JP up from school only to see the finger has not gotten better.

6. call completely booked doctor begging to get son in so that I don't have to take him to urgent care for the second time in 7 days.

7. On the way to doctor, my fairly new car 'goes crazy'. I have no idea what is wrong, so I drive a mere 100 feet or so and park at doctors office.

8. Get out of car to see a TOTALLY FLAT TIRE. Called husband for a rescue while I took kids inside.

9. Sat an hour in waiting room filled with grossly sick people. Listening to their conversations about babies daddies not knowing their baby is alive because a week ago that baby daddy beat them up. What? Seriously.

10. AJ puts Macky the pig under her dress and announces to the whole waiting room that she is going to have a baby and THEN she says Mommy is having a baby. I AM NOT HAVING A BABY...SHE WAS JUST QUOTING DORA THE EXPLORER MOVIE. But since there were people in the room that know who I am, I am sure the rumors are flying.

11. Boy gets x-ray, hand looks good but we have to wait for the radiologist to clear him.

12. Car has donut tire on it, but is still running 'funny'. Aaron can't find the same tire ANYWHERE around us. And car now has appointment in the shop for Friday.

13. I made myself a spiked milkshake and poured a hot bath to rest from the CRAZY afternoon only to get in the tub to COLD water. The element in our hot water heater is going out. JOY.

Bonus: I woke this morning hoping for a beautiful stress free day only to see my laptop DIED during the night. DEAD. WON'T TURN ON.

Oh lovely.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tiny Tot Teenager Twinkie Tuesday...

Today I had the pleasure of being surrounded by little teenagers stuck in 3 year olds bodies.

It began with gymnastics where at the end of the class AJ tried to get anyone to come home with her.

Her friend Annie asked AJ if she could come over and AJ said yes.

On the way out the door with no adult confirmation of their plans the girls took off running to my car. Since their was obviously no stopping them I yelled to Annie's mom, "I have an extra car seat, we'll meet you at pick up!"

From the moment they were buckled in they giggled and laughed and demanded music.

And then the comparisions began...

I so wanted to record their little discussion so that I could play it back to them when they are teenagers.

AJ: I'm bigger.

Annie: I'm BIGGER.

AJ: Well I'm Huge- er.

Annie: Yea! and I'm huge- er too.

Can you imagine girl teenagers arguing over who is huge-er? Too funny.
When we got home AJ's clothes were suddenly scratching her, so she needed her sweater just like Annie's. If that isn't just like junior high girls in the twinkie stage!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The case of the missing library book...

Wednesday January 30, 2008


1st grade boy brings home overdue library slip for one book titled "The Puffins are Back"


Control freak mother starts hyperventilating.


mother races home and emails teacher, hoping to receive response back before teacher leaves school for day.


Mother is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the book was returned, but begins second guessing herself.


Mother looks through EVERY bookshelf in the house.


Mother is tearing through every toy box, toy bin, drawer, and crevice in the house.


House looks like a crime scene searched by the CSI team.


Mother still freaking out consumes a pound of chocolate and a coke to try to calm down.


Son reassures her that he KNOWS it is at school.


Mother emails her good friend who once was a teacher and asks the probability of the book being there and not have been scanned back in the library.


Mother tries to relax on the couch in the living room when a 'click' comes from the bedroom.


Mother goes running across house to see who emailed.


Friend emails and says yes something like that just happened to another friend.


Mother wipes sweat from her brow and feels much better except for the pound of chocolate now sitting in the bottom of her gut.


Fast Forward over two snow days and the weekend to Monday morning.


Mother takes son to school to drop off 100 days of school project, see evidence A.


Mother goes to library to plead her case.


Librarian verifies that yes the book is over due. Mother says honestly that is just not possible.


Librarian goes to the shelf and says again no it is not here.


Mother sees a 3rd copy on shelf and turns it over.


CORRECT BARCODE NUMBER. Victory Mother. High Five Son.
evidence A

100 day of school project...100 marshmallows for a 'fence', 100 sugar cube igloo, 100 fishes in the ponds for the penguins to eat.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Goodbye Snow, Hello Sunshine...

Yesterday morning about 10am I took this picture of the kids.
Well actually I took MANY pictures of the kids. I just love snow pics especially in matching sweaters!
This afternoon about 3pm I snuck outside and took this picture of the boys playing basketball.

First you may notice the boy is coming after me for taking more pictures. He has had enough of the MOMARAZZI this week.

Second you might notice that a mere 24 hours later, there is hardly any snow on the ground and my son is wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

They always say if you don't like the weather around here, just wait five minutes and it will change.

8 inches of snow and freezing temps yesterday, sunshine and 70 today!

Gotta love it!

Friday, February 1, 2008

You might think again...

This just in:

Double it really dangerous?

A recent scientific study showed that double dipping 3-6 times in the same bowl leaves as many as 10,000 bacteria.

The worst culprit...Salsa!

oh the horror.

I just might have to rethink the next time I say, "oh sure go ahead have another dip."

Hmm...yea not so much.