Monday, February 4, 2008

The case of the missing library book...

Wednesday January 30, 2008


1st grade boy brings home overdue library slip for one book titled "The Puffins are Back"


Control freak mother starts hyperventilating.


mother races home and emails teacher, hoping to receive response back before teacher leaves school for day.


Mother is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the book was returned, but begins second guessing herself.


Mother looks through EVERY bookshelf in the house.


Mother is tearing through every toy box, toy bin, drawer, and crevice in the house.


House looks like a crime scene searched by the CSI team.


Mother still freaking out consumes a pound of chocolate and a coke to try to calm down.


Son reassures her that he KNOWS it is at school.


Mother emails her good friend who once was a teacher and asks the probability of the book being there and not have been scanned back in the library.


Mother tries to relax on the couch in the living room when a 'click' comes from the bedroom.


Mother goes running across house to see who emailed.


Friend emails and says yes something like that just happened to another friend.


Mother wipes sweat from her brow and feels much better except for the pound of chocolate now sitting in the bottom of her gut.


Fast Forward over two snow days and the weekend to Monday morning.


Mother takes son to school to drop off 100 days of school project, see evidence A.


Mother goes to library to plead her case.


Librarian verifies that yes the book is over due. Mother says honestly that is just not possible.


Librarian goes to the shelf and says again no it is not here.


Mother sees a 3rd copy on shelf and turns it over.


CORRECT BARCODE NUMBER. Victory Mother. High Five Son.
evidence A

100 day of school project...100 marshmallows for a 'fence', 100 sugar cube igloo, 100 fishes in the ponds for the penguins to eat.


Pam said...

Good job Sherlock Mom.

Cute project.

Anonymous said...

We had a similar library book experience recently! Glad you solved the case!

What a great project!

Sarah Markley said...

Beautiful project! And...way to go for solving the crime. Very creative and cute! =)

Shelley said...

Go Mom! Don't you just want to do a victory dance? Great project too! You are so creative!

Janelle said...

Whew! I know that is a relief to have found it at school where it belongs.

Very creative project!

dawn said...

WOW! For our 100 day project we made a 100 out of legos. I have very little creativity.

Alana said...

Love the project. We are sending in our 100 things tomorrow. 100 Honey Nut Cheerios and 100 pennies. VERY CREATIVE. Thankfully Richie gets the best of both worlds since he has a creative Daddy. When Daddy is in charge you get a super cool astronaut turkey, when Mom is in charge you get pennies and cheerios. Such is life.

Glad you found the library book!

BethAnne said...

We had 100 Skittles and 100 pennies - we never celebrated 100 days of school when I was young (we only celebrated the LAST day of school ;-)

michelle said...

Great project!!!

Glad to solved the library book mystery!