Saturday, February 9, 2008

Puppy dog eyes, pouty lips, and Jay Leno chins...

At some point during development AJ was given the power of persuasion. She is a spunky one.

She is strong, demanding, kind, caring, passionate, imaginative, sweet, honest, and just full of life.

Most three year olds do have an amazing ability to wrap their parents around their little finger with some sort of signature act.

Some would say their children have puppy dog eyes.

Some might say their children have powerful pouty lips.

I would not say those things about AJ.

I would say she has the power of the Jay Leno chin.

That's right. And let me tell you it is just sooo attractive.

Everytime AJ asks us for something she comes running over saying please, but then she juts her chin waaaaaayyy out and holds her face that way until you comply.

A picture doesn't even do it justice.

Maybe it was all the late night television I watched while nursing her. Did you know Leno is on at 10:30 as well as 3am?


Shelley said...

OK, that is Hillarious!!! I love this age, they are so fun and quirky!

Janelle said...

She makes Jay Leno's chin look good!

Carissa said...

too funny!

Sarah Markley said...

She is SOOO adorable!!!

Alana said...

Well, you're in for it aren't you? I think I've seen that chin a time or two, but I wasn't sure until I saw the picture. Cute!