Friday, February 22, 2008

Try not to go crazy today honey...

Famous last words of my dear husband as he braved the treacherous conditions to head to work, on this second snow day.

"Try not to go crazy today honey."

Did he look at the surroundings we currently call home before he left? How could I not go crazy?

The boy decided that since there was no school he would stay up all night.

First let me just say thank you to my mother for allowing a six year old to take a TWO HOUR nap. I do believe in naps, but only when they work to MY advantage. As JP said it was Grandma's fault because she did rock him. Oh great who am I to argue with a Grandma who wants to rock the baby boy who is growing so fast into a little man.

So, well rested the boy set out to stay up all night. His only rule was to turn the lights off when he finally went to bed.

Sometime in the middle of the night a foot appeared in my ear and a head in Aaron's back. The strength of the kicks could only be the boy. I opened one eye to see the figure that is quickly growing into a big boy.

THEN I hear wrappers. Not big dudes with chains kinda rappers, but foil food wrappers at the foot of my bed. I crawl to the end of the bed to peer upside down at AJ, who is surrounded by packaging. The highly coveted "berries", aka fruit roll-ups fruit stackerz.

So off I went to the kitchen to lock-up the rest of the "berries", although the extreme disappointment I expressed to that wide eyed 3 year old at 5 am was enough to make her never eat them again. I rounded the corner from my bedroom into the kitchen and living room and the only thought that came to mind was:

The place was lit up like the vegas strip. Kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom, JP's room, and AJ's room all had the lights on. Not to mention cabinets open, games strewn about, and complete zoos set up.
After everything was shut down I tried to fall blissfully back to sleep, but was highly unsucessful. Aaron left for work about 6:30 in which he leaned over to say goodbye and I replied, "remove the children from our room."
In hindsight I should have just removed myself because as soon as he lifted the 50 pound sack of taters that is my son, the boy woke for the day. So there I was left with 2 kids, both working on less the 5 hours sleep.
I tried to sleep a little longer, ok a lot longer, but the choas was unbelievable. Screams from the living room, bangs from the kitchen, and thuds from the basement.
When I finally emerged from my den, I was apalled. A tornado had hit through the ENTIRE house. Top to bottom and bottom to top! The kids were sent to their rooms where, thankfully, it has been quite for almost an hour.
I shall go make a hearty brunch, enough to give me the energy to clean up after the tornado.


Celeste said...

Oh man! That's crazy! Good luck today!

Darlene R. said...

That makes me tired even thinking about it!

Janelle said...

Been there. Done that. Yesterday.

Hang in there! The sleepover will be here before we know it!

Anonymous said...

My house looks like a tornado hit as well, but I don't have the snow day excuse!

Hope today goes smoothly!

Alana said...

Hope it turned out okay...

Rochelle said...

I need a long nap after just reading this. :)

Shelley said...

OH JEN! I'm so sorry! What a day. I think we're all DONE with these snow days!

Carissa said...

i am totally worn out just READING that. hope you (and the kids) all get a good nights rest tonight!

Pam said...

I'm exhausted reading it...I can't imagine actually living it. :)

michelle said...

It amazes me how quickly little ones can mess up an entire house and then be so exhausted when it is time to clean up. I feel for you!