Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter dreary...

Once again we find ourselves iced over by mother nature, an incident that is happening far too frequently for my liking. As a result there is no school, on a Monday.

On a Monday that my boy was actually really looking forward too. You see today was his day to leave school excused for lunch at the local pizza buffet.

Doesn't sound that exciting does it?

Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that he gets to ride in a HUMMER LIMO over to the pizza place.

To say that he was excited might be an understatement, afterall he did wake ready for the day at 5am.


Thirty minutes later his excitement was squashed when I received the text on my cell saying school was cancelled.

Major bummer for all involved. JP sad about no school, mommy sad that daddy went to work, and AJ needing her mommy only time.

So not to disappoint my LARGE following, I scrounged through the computer and stumbled upon two of my favorite photos.

My Dad with each of my newborn babies.

My Dad is an awesome Dad. And an awesome Grandpa. Living just 2 doors down, my kids both love to go running down to play. Grandpa always has his goody jar full of rolos and he always has birdseed for AJ to feed her birdies. He loves watching JP play sports and even took time this year to make a pine wood derby car for the adult division. He builds forts, tents, and lincoln log cities. He makes pancakes with AJ and pizzas with JP. He can fix anything and build anything. He is patient, tolerant, kind, caring, loveable, honest, and hard working. He is a great guy.


Alana said...

Spring come quickly!! Love the tribute to your Dad. Hope JP gets to go another day to the pizza buffet!

Celeste said...

Think about the positive... at least he won't be polluting by riding in a hummer limo! :)

Shelley said...

I'm sure they'll make up the pizza day. Love those pics, your dad is a sweetheart!

Carissa said...

i'm SO ready for winter to be OVER!!!!

Rochelle said...

It's been like Spring around here... it's almost weird, but I won't complain! :) Your dad seems like a great man!!

michelle said...

I think we all have a case of cabin fever! I loved the pictures! That was a sweet way to honor your dad!

Janelle said...

Your dad is a sweetie!