Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have lost total motivation with all things laundry.

Which is why today I HAD to do it.


That is the number of days it has been since I did laundry.


Oh how the towels can pile up. I didn't even know I had that many towels.

And really the only thing that motivated me was my poor 6 year old hollering for big underwear. Apparently he had run out of underwear, except for the too small pairs.

With that kind of motivation, I had no choice but to oblige. So after 5 loads the boy had clean undies. I still, however, have a good 5 more loads.

Tonight I had the best intentions of finishing all the laundry, but then I checked my email.

How can I not go with my best gals to see a movie over in the big city? So thus another day shall pass with 5 more loads to go...


Janelle said...

Yay! Pictures. Looks good!!

Darlene R. said...

Hey, I like your pictures! I am going to send your bracelet out tomorrow, I promise. I have been so busy this week playing catch up and with a funeral thrown in there, it has been impossible to get everything done. I have it ready to send, so I just have to take it to the post office.
It took me 3 whole days to do and put away all of our laundry!

dawn said...

Wow! I cannot imagine waiting that long to do laundry. OUr laundry used to really get me down but now I do it on a schedule and it helps me so much.

W-Sheets and towels

Laundry is a never ending cycle!

Shelley said...

Ugh. Laundry and Dishes, the cycle of insanity! I waver between doing a load a day, and therefor keeping it "managable", or letting it go and not worrying about it, only to have 20 loads to do at the end of two weeks! Because that's what it would be for our house, 20 loads!

Your pics look awesome! I'm so glad you chose the girls night over the laundry!

Pam said...

Love all your pictures! What movie did you see?

Sarah Markley said...

Wow! I think we would be out of everything if I didn't do laundry for that long! I think I do at least one load a day! =)

Anonymous said...

I like your picture!

michelle said...

I love your pictures!

We've got laundry stacked up over here also! How does that happen so quickly!

Enjoy the movie!

Carissa said...

wow...that is alot of laundry. and, i am thinking you girls went to the big city to see the other boelyn girl and i want a full report...pronto! : )

Alana said...

I have never gone 19 days, but I have not been "caught up" on laundry in a very long time!