Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's not fair...

This morning I awoke realizing my cell phone had not beeped with a school's closed text.

I though this was bizarre since we were predicted to receive 7-12 inches. That is a significant amount of snow. Enough of a prediction to in fact tell the kids they should be awaking to a beautiful blanket of the fun white stuff.

Hopes were high not only for the kids, but for the parents too. Aaron stayed up 'late' anticipating sleeping in due to mother nature. I had visions of sledding dancing in my head.

Like little kids Aaron and I jumped up at 6am and ran to the window to see the white wonderland. Nothing.






That is exactly how much snow we got.

How could we receive nothing when we had almost 12 inches predicted?

Let me tell ya the wheathermen are fielding some angry questions today. Probably mostly from grade schoolers who were almost guaranteed no school today.

A bubble. That is how.

Right smack dab in the middle of the 50 mile wide snow storm there was a bubble, oval shaped. We were in the bubble. So just north of us 8+ inches, south of us snow, east of us snow, and west of us snow.

It is not fair. Don't tell me for 2 days of the impending snow and then give me nothing.

It is not fair. I am sure those four words will be heard A LOT up at the school today.

Yep, it is not fair.


Carissa said...

it is strange. but, i can't say i'm disappointed. i'm ready for winter to be OVER!!! happy non-snow day!

Shelley said...

I feel VERY sorry for those teachers today. I know Ellie was NOT happy, as I'm sure most of the kids weren't!

Janelle said...

It will all be fair in June!!

I am enjoying the sunshine today. I am not terribly sad...


Anonymous said...

I remember when I taught public school. Those days where you thought you were going to be out, but you weren't, were very difficult for everyone!

Alana said...

It was quite surprising. I was a little disappointed myself, but our day turned out pretty good.