Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cuz I am just cool like that...

So I saw this incredible diaper bag on Janelle's blog and since I am all about helping my friends check things off their lists, I too entered the contest. So go check it out!

See the beauty of it is that if I win I can give the super cute styling bag to Janelle. By the time R is born Lil Poppy will be 6 months old and we all know that the 3rd baby by 6 months old travels with no such thing as a diaper bag. A six month old third baby only gets its diaper changed maybe twice a day, right? So that being the case, she can totally lend me the super cute diaper bag for R.

Fun, huh?


Janelle said...

Twice a day? Heck, he will be lucky to even HAVE a diaper!!

If I win, I would totally let you borrow.

Love the baby ticker.

Darlene R. said...

By the thrid one I just had a big ol' purse. Diaper bag, what diaper bag??