Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rain rain go away!

For 7 years I have been planning very special birthday parties for my boy. Intensely planned very unique parties to reflect my son's personality.

The first birthday was a construction/tool party in our unfinished basement.

The second birthday was an outdoor "handprint" party with gorgeous warm weather.

The third birthday was a super fun carnival party for 6 birthday kids with sunshine and warm weather.

The fourth birthday was a rootin tootin western party for 4 birthday kids on the first weekend in April with sunshine and cool spring warmth.

The fifth birthday was a dinosaur party complete with digging for fossils on a beautiful sunny day in our yard.

The sixth birthday was a pirate adventure complete with homemade pirate ship clubhouse. The party is where the luck of the weather ran out. The day ended up being perfect weather, but only after we delayed the party one whole day at the last minute.

The seventh birthday is to be a super soccer party at the soccer field/park.

Enter problems.

We have been having EXTREME rain. So immediately I am concerned we won't be able to use field.

THEN the weather forecast has now changed. We were looking at 60's and sunny friday and saturday hopefully allowing for plenty of drying out time.

NOW the forecast says Saturday high of 46 and 30% chance of rain, not to mention the field may or may not have standing water still.

Now my major I take the gamble or should I call everyone and tell them to come to our house?

It is right about now I am kicking myself for not just putting the rain plan on the invite. I am also just kicking myself for not overriding JP and MAKING him do the fun INDOOR wheels party with his 2 best buds.

any advice ladies???


Carissa said...

you gotta move it. nothing will be dry by saturday. sorry!!!

Janelle said...

I love the idea of an arcade party you talked about on Monday. But how many kids did you invite? That could be hard at your house with a large number of invitees.

Oh, I feel for you. This is so hard!!

Hopefully, it will stop raining...

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry the weather is messing up your plans! I don't have good advice, but I do hope it all works out!

Alana said...

Could you move it to another park? What about the neighborhood park? Or RP?

Or just to be safe, inside is always a good bet.

So sorry friend, birthdays are so stressful, I hate it when there is added stress with weather concerns! We had that last year.

Darlene R. said...

I always stress when I plan an outdoor party, but yet I still do it! We've been having a bunch of rain here, too.

I think indoor is your best bet. Sorry!