Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a Holiday means to me...

Holiday weekends have a different meaning and memory for me than most people. Most people enjoy a Holiday for what is being celebrated, or perhaps enjoy a leisure weekend of fun activities and food. For me and my family Holidays have a different memory.

Holiday weekends are a 3 day opportunity to sell as much as possible to the thousands of new faces that are only in town for the holiday. They are LONG hard days filled with beeping cash registers and clicking stock guns. They are also some of my most favorite memories. During these long hard weekends I am always surrounded by family. Family who has the same dedication and drive for success. They are days filled with laughter, sweat, silliness, wheelin' and dealin', food, and fun.

This particular Memorial Day Weekend was no different. Together with my husband, my Mom, my Dad, my kids, and my cousin Jamas we put on a very successful $10 name brand shoe tent sale. Not only we were running the tent sale, but we also had incredible sales days inside the store too.

Part of the fun of these weekends is breaking out the old grill and cooking not only for ourselves, but for our other employees too. I grill a mean hot dog I tell ya. Taking 5 minutes to sit down and eat with people that work for ya is nice.

I also love teaching my seven year old the same way my parents taught me too. This weekend JP learned to run an 'old school' cash register complete with giving change back. Look out because he will race you to the register to ring a sale up. AJ wasn't interested in sales this weekend as she exhausted her selling powers on Friday at our garage sale, or rummage sale as she kept saying. Let me tell ya though, that girl can sell the lemonade! If the city would have allowed it, I have no doubt she could have made a $1000 in lemonade at the tent sale!

We may also enjoy being silly with some of the more unusual shoes, see pics below. And there was the time the pregnant lady tried to hold down the giant tent from the sudden pop up storm and 60 mile an hour wind gusts. Or perhaps the time the pregnant lady ate 2 cheeseburgers and a brat for lunch. Or the frog. Did I mention someone used our mock outhouse? That was funny too.

Now don't get me wrong these weekends are tough. In a 36 hour span I worked 24 of those hours. Needless to say I am taking the day off today!

AJ couldn't make it through the day, but didn't want to go rest in the playroom.

JP donning the size 12 purple suede men's shoes. Purple that is right!

The guys sampling the more unusual shoes. The middle ones are the purple suede too. And the far right are grey alligator skin.

AJ trying on the ladies knee high boots.

The men. Aaron, my Dad, and Jamas.

My mom and I. please excuse our appearance we are on are 13th hour!

These guys are now quite the shoe salesmen.

Our sales rocked so much, there was a nightly firework display just for us. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Associating names with faces...

Yesterday Aaron and I went to our first perinatologist appointment. AKA high risk doctor. Twins are generally classified as high risk. So we loaded up and headed to the "big city" without kids. Unfortunately the office we were referred to does not allow any kids to come beyond the waiting room. Quite the bummer because the babies put on a great show.
Today we learned we have 2 sacks and 2 placentas, which is the most ideal twin pregnancy situation to have. The babies are growing well and have everything developing as scheduled. Baby A has a CRL of 709 and Baby B has a CRL of 624. Both their heart rates were 156. So without further ado here are our guys:

This shot is of both babies. Twin A is on the bottom with a profile and Twin B is on the top with an aeriel shot.

This is Baby A, aka rowdy, waving its arm. This is the one I have been feeling and that does not like ride side afternoon naps. He is on my right. Very active on the ultrasound, the tech was unsure the baby would stop moving long enough to get a heart rate.

This is Baby B, nice and calm. The only movement B did was a brief hand to mouth. Can you see A's tiny feet in the bottom sack?
You may have noticed that I said he and guys. The babies did give us great shots between their legs, but because they are just 12 almost 13 weeks the tech was cautious to 100% confirm. He said probably boys, but slight possibility that it is swollen girls. At this point we are about 75% sure they are boys, until we know for certain we are just preparing AJ for the possibility of brother's. She was adamant that the babies were a boy and a girl.
We go back to the peri in 6 weeks for an anatomy ultrasound, but in between we will have 2 regular Dr. appointments. So hopefully we can confirm their sex soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Five...

5 things about this pregnancy

1. Baby ? (the one on my right) does not like me to lay on my right side in the afternoon. Which is a major bummer because my body is indented on the couch perfectly for laying on right side and watching tv or taking an afternoon nap. So I must either lay on my back with the sun in my eyes or snuggle with my face into the couch on the left side. Maybe I will invest in some shades for out porch door window.

2. If I see a pickle commercial I must eat a pickle. I have too plain and simple.

3. Edy's slow churned 1/2 the fat ice cream will be my friend long after I am pregnant. Please RUN out and get some caramel swirl one. Thank you mom for getting me hooked on this.

4. Salads are devine. I can't get enough salads and they must have eggs on them. Yum. Although I wish when i finally remembered to buy croutons, that I would NOT have bought the 5 pound bag at Sam's. I don't like the flavor. :(

5. Oranges peeled by your husband are way better than oranges peeled by yourself. Such a wonderful evening delight. Followed by a pickle and a hunk of cheddar cheese. yum.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was tagged by Jaime for this fun meme.

What I was doing 10 years ago 1998-

-finishing up my freshman year at Baylor.
-having a first date with my hubby
-purchasing my first house by myself
-switching majors from international business to political science

What I was doing 5 years ago 2003-

-playing intensely with a 2 year old
-lots of play dates with JP's buddies ...i miss those :(
-Hoping to have another baby
-putting the finishing touches on our newly finished basement

4 things I did yesterday-

-taught 3 year olds gymnastics
-wrestled AJ through a melt down
-watched JP ROCK at baseball with an incedible pop fly catch in the outfield
-Used an entire box of kleenex tissues

4 shows I like to watch-

-Grey's Anatomy
-Brothers and Sisters

4 things that make me happy-

-ice cream
-an empty laundry pile
-happy kids
-dinner that magically appears

If you are reading this consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bon Appetit...

Have you ever enjoyed a steak and potato dinner on a Saturday night?

A perfectly grilled tasty big ole steak?

I am sure you have, right? I mean silly question.

But have you ever enjoyed a perfectly cooked steak and potato dinner while sitting on the toilet?


I have.

Just as dinner was finished Saturday night our county was ordered to take cover in our tornado shelters. We knew it was coming, but thought we could get dinner in before the storm.

Not so much.

So Aaron and I carried our plates down to the downstairs bathroom where the kids were already hunkered down. Sitting a top blankets, pillows, and the toilet we enjoyed a tasty meal while listening to the weather miraculously lose strength and pass by us.

Just a few counties over a F4 tornado hit, but we were spared.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

This morning I awoke to sweet little voices whispering, "Happy Mother's Day!"

The sweet voices were filled with such excitement over the gifts they had for me. I knew JP had been especially excited about Mother's Day.

Too excited to wait till after I ate the yummy breakfast they made me, I opened their precious gifts first.

AJ made me a beautiful card with Jo Jo's circus and Stanley stickers. She even read her card to me, it said AJ loves Mommy. She was so proud.

JP had a plethora of home made very special gifts.

Not only did he make me a beautiful clay ball bracelet, but he made a matching clay ball necklace. Gorgeous. I wore the bracelet to church, but the necklace was still a bit tacky.

Enclosed in the special envelope with the necklace was also 2 US dollar bills. I suppose it is to buy a new outfit to go with my jewelry! :)

Next up was the All About My Mom paper:

My Mom's name is Jeniffer.

My mom is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and she weighs 50 pounds.

Her hair is blond and her eyes are green.

Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is hot dog.

My mom likes to watch Opra on t.v.

I love my mom very much because she loves me so much.

I giggled so hard I had tears in my eyes.

Then he made another card with the word MOTHER:

Omasing (amazing)
Haret (heart)

He wasn't done yet, though. He also made yet another card with a beautiful bird.

It was so sweet. Aaron said every Saturday and Sunday for weeks, when I was at the giftshop, JP would break out the necklace and work on it.

I love that this boy is so sweet and caring. Some girl is going to be lucky to marry him in 50 or 60 years!

Happy Mother's day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Girly Girl...

If you stopped to shop at my giftshop today, this is what you saw:

She knows that to keep customers coming it is all about creating a shopping "experience", as opposed to just another quick errand.
Did I mention that every customer in the store also received a handmade picture drawn especially by AJ.
Needless to say sales that hour were up well over 100% over the previous year.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thanks for voting...

Thanks for voting for me in this contest. Voting is open until May 9th feel free to foward it on to anyone yoou know that might be willing to vote for my kiddos.

Here is the original post with the photo that is a finalist.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sweet Sibling Love...

Please go to this site and vote for
Oh how the $1000 prize could be put to good use with the arrival of our twins!
One evening just shortly after AJ was brought home from the hospital her big brother really wanted to sleep with her. Nervous we decided that he could lay next to a sleeping AJ while he drifted off to sleep. Moments after JP fell asleep we saw him start to roll over. Panicking I started to reach out to stop him, when I realized he was snuggling into her. When his hand touched her shoulder, she instantly wrapped her tiny arm around his. With tears of joy I couldn't resist reaching for the camera. It was the exact moment you dream of prior to becoming a mommy. I still love looking at this photo and seeing how special their brother sister bond is, even from the beginning.
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