Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a Holiday means to me...

Holiday weekends have a different meaning and memory for me than most people. Most people enjoy a Holiday for what is being celebrated, or perhaps enjoy a leisure weekend of fun activities and food. For me and my family Holidays have a different memory.

Holiday weekends are a 3 day opportunity to sell as much as possible to the thousands of new faces that are only in town for the holiday. They are LONG hard days filled with beeping cash registers and clicking stock guns. They are also some of my most favorite memories. During these long hard weekends I am always surrounded by family. Family who has the same dedication and drive for success. They are days filled with laughter, sweat, silliness, wheelin' and dealin', food, and fun.

This particular Memorial Day Weekend was no different. Together with my husband, my Mom, my Dad, my kids, and my cousin Jamas we put on a very successful $10 name brand shoe tent sale. Not only we were running the tent sale, but we also had incredible sales days inside the store too.

Part of the fun of these weekends is breaking out the old grill and cooking not only for ourselves, but for our other employees too. I grill a mean hot dog I tell ya. Taking 5 minutes to sit down and eat with people that work for ya is nice.

I also love teaching my seven year old the same way my parents taught me too. This weekend JP learned to run an 'old school' cash register complete with giving change back. Look out because he will race you to the register to ring a sale up. AJ wasn't interested in sales this weekend as she exhausted her selling powers on Friday at our garage sale, or rummage sale as she kept saying. Let me tell ya though, that girl can sell the lemonade! If the city would have allowed it, I have no doubt she could have made a $1000 in lemonade at the tent sale!

We may also enjoy being silly with some of the more unusual shoes, see pics below. And there was the time the pregnant lady tried to hold down the giant tent from the sudden pop up storm and 60 mile an hour wind gusts. Or perhaps the time the pregnant lady ate 2 cheeseburgers and a brat for lunch. Or the frog. Did I mention someone used our mock outhouse? That was funny too.

Now don't get me wrong these weekends are tough. In a 36 hour span I worked 24 of those hours. Needless to say I am taking the day off today!

AJ couldn't make it through the day, but didn't want to go rest in the playroom.

JP donning the size 12 purple suede men's shoes. Purple that is right!

The guys sampling the more unusual shoes. The middle ones are the purple suede too. And the far right are grey alligator skin.

AJ trying on the ladies knee high boots.

The men. Aaron, my Dad, and Jamas.

My mom and I. please excuse our appearance we are on are 13th hour!

These guys are now quite the shoe salesmen.

Our sales rocked so much, there was a nightly firework display just for us. :)


Janelle said...

Glad it was a successful weekend. Put your feet up today and enjoy the time off.

Shelley said...

Your dads face in the picture where he's holding up the shoes is HILLARIOUS!!!

I thought about you a lot this weekend. I knew you were working hard! I'm so glad that you had good sales so that all that effort was worth it!

You are the WOMAN!!!

Celeste said...

Who let Jamas bring the alligator pimp shoes HOME?? I think Uncle David needs to write him up for that. They are the ugliest things ever! hahaha. When Jamas got home I was asleep, and he woke me up to model his pimp shoes for me. No joke.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Oh I wish I could have shopped your sale!!

Alana said...

Wow, I'm worn out just reading that! Glad you are able to have fun in the midst of the hard work!