Friday, June 13, 2008

A day full of firsts...

Seven years ago my son had his first airplane ride. At the young age of 2 months he travelled with his mommy and grammy to Florida to see his Great Nana and Grandpa. And please let me tell you that 'great' does not infer old, it means fun fabulous and exciting.
Here is my little co-pilot 7 years ago. Please excuse the fuzz, this is a picture of a picture.

Flash forward seven years to a boy that I slowly see becoming a young man. A boy who has more frequent flyer miles under his belt than most adults. A boy excited to go on vacation with his grandparents to Florida.
Today Aaron and I dropped our baby boy off at the airport (with his Grandpa) for his very first airplane trip without me.
This is where the tears come in.
and come in.
and come in.
I knew I needed to be brave. JP and I had prayed several times for his trip and we snuggled a lot, but nothing prepares you to watch your baby walk through security WITHOUT YOU.
I really do think I could have held my tears for the car if my sweet excited boy had not welled up when he hugged me goodbye. I held back the giant drops of water till his back was turned in security, but then there was no stopping them. They flowed even more freely the two times he turned back after security to wave goodbye to us.
Thankfully it was raining cats and dogs so maybe no one noticed the sobbing pregnant woman.

JP I love you and can't wait to see you in a few days!
His first year of Kindergarten I got to school 45 minutes early everyday to pick him up, I wonder if security will have any problem with me camping out the night before his flight lands????


cruisingrammy said...

Jp is having a blast so far!

Janelle said...

Yay! He made it.

So will you.

Shelley said...

That made ME tear up!

How exciting for him though!

Jaime said...

Ohhhh, I would have cried, too! I'm sure he'll be back before you know it.

Rochelle said...

My "baby" will be gone all next week at church camp... and I already miss her. I'm sure he is having so much fun and he'll be home soon!!

Carissa said...

hope he has a great trip!

Anonymous said...

That would be so tough! I hope he has a wonderful time and that you having a very happy reunion!

Alana said...

These boys sure are growing up!!