Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pure Commercialized Bliss...

Picture this:

A father and his daughter walking into a brand new Supercenter with jaws dropped.

Now adjust your picture because this father is not with his 3 year old daughter, but with his 29 year old firstborn.

My Dad and I have spent the past several months grocery shopping together. Since we are so earth conscience we decided to start carpooling over to the next town over to grocery shop about every week and a half or two weeks. Well really it is more so about shopping together, the earth can fend for itself.

Just kidding.

Grocery shopping with my Dad has been fun. We share with each other different yummy foods and he teaches me which meats to purchase. Even though I tend to show him too many foods and blow his budget, I know he loves shopping with me. The best part is the 20 minute ride to and from when we take detours to check out the local building progress, the conversation is great.

Today I dropped all my cleaning plans on a moments notice to go shopping with my Dad to the brand new beautiful supercenter.

We walked in awe throughout the store, shocked at its largeness. We were totally wowed by the sensor lights on the freezer coolers. They were to say the least 'very cool'. This supercenter's food section was fabulous, with more variety than any other location I have been to before. After my Dad said we would just make a quick run and not spend much time, we walked out after almost 2 hours!

So even though the super cool supercenter is now only 2 miles away, I do think I will still be 'earth conscience' and shop with my Dad.


Alana said...

It's open! And I can't go for a few more days! Bummer. Love that you shop with your Dad. So cute.

Janelle said...

Glad to hear it was a great success! It looked packed all day. It's been a long time coming.

Pam said...

I can't wait to go!!!!! So sweet that you go with your dad.

Julianne said...

I have the coolest brother, ever!

michelle said...

That is so fun that you shop with your Dad! I'll have to check out the new supercenter soon!

Carissa said...

that is sweet jen. neat that you do that together.

Shelley said...

Yes, I also love it that you and your dad shop together. So sweet!

Well, we jumped on the bandwagon and went to see the big fancy store last night! It is nice, and huge, and clean (I hope it stays that way!) It may just change my mind about hating Wal-Mart!

But I'll always be a Target girl at heart!

Jamie said...

Sounds like fun. I may have to travel down to check it out.