Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank You's All Around...

Last night we went to a very impressive new show in the area. A show that normally cost $55 a person, but we had the opportunity to get $5 a person tickets. This is where my first THANK YOU comes in.

THANK YOU to Janelle, Dixie, and Shelley for orchestrating a lovely 2 or was it 3 hour long wait to purchase said tickets. Remember folks Janelle is very pregnant, yet she stood in a lengthy line to retrieve many a ticket for her friends.

A very big THANK YOU to the theater for remembering that us locals can have a definite impact on the success of a show and offering the lovely $5 price.

Another THANK YOU to my Aunt Julie for attending the show the night before and enduring unrealistic traffic and warning us about it.

And the BIGGEST THANK YOU of all goes to Janelle and Dixie who mopped up my daughter's vomit at intermission. You should know only true friends would clean up another child's bodily fluids. JP was very impressed by this and he is the one who said, " Mom you really should thank Aunt Janelle and Miss Dixie cuz they cleaned up the mess."

Oh my I almost forgot another HUGE THANK YOU goes to my husband for taking the direct hit of what appeared to be projectile vomit. Thank you honey for not allowing our daughter to vomit on the people in front of us. No matter how bad you now smell I will always love you! And only a true Daddy could take his little girl to the men's room for a vomit bath.

Another THANK YOU to the elderly people in front of us for apparently being oblivious to the fact that vomit was running down the aisle. Also THANK YOU that their noses were not working as well. The girls tell me they were very nice and not rude at all, so THANK YOU.

Of course THANK YOU to Jim and Dixie for taking me and my son home even though we live on the opposite side of town.

Big THANK YOU to AJ for remaining vomit free through the night and allowing me and her daddy to sleep well!


Janelle said...

I think vomit and big-ticket shows go hand in hand for me. Remember, I caught Richie's vomit in my soup bowl at the D.S.

Really, that is what friends and "family" are all about!! I know you would clean up my kid's vomit if you needed to. :)

I was really impressed with the people in front of you though. We have seen some mean people before, but these were the sweetest women. They must have remembered what this stage of life was like.

Glad she is feeling better!!

Shelley said...

That was a great post! I am so sorry about AJ getting sick! Down at our end I had no idea what was going on! Janelle and Dixie have an uncanny knack for being right there for those kind of moments!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! It sounds like the show had some extra excitement! Hope it was nothing catching!

Julianne said...

thank you for reminding me that stress of parenting a teenager has its own reward ... i'm past those kind of mommy moments. :) so sorry to hear that you had a rough night, i was hoping it was fantastic and not stress-inducing. it's a long show for kids! even some of the grown ups in my entourage were prone to dozing ....... no names mentioned here! LOL! :)

Jaime said...

Oh, how horrible! Sounds like you (and everyone else) make the most of it, though. Hope she's feeling better!

Jamie said...

We saw the show on the 29th. A little boy behind me dropped his drink and it splashed on me and the whole row in front. I am thankful not that it was just water. I hope A.J. is feeling better.

Alana said...

I felt so bad for you guys. Ugh. I hope she is all better now.