Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Five...

Five things a pregnant lady with twins loves to hear:

1. Hey Cutie!

2. ooh just look at that bump, adorable.

3. You look fabulous!

4. Seriously I think I was that big at 20 weeks with one baby, you really got 2 babies in there?!

5. I just can't wait to hold those babies!

Five things a pregnant lady with twins does not like to hear:

1. Wow you are even bigger today than yesterday.

2. Are you tired?

3. twins?! Good luck.

4. Look at that thing. (pointing to belly)

5. oh 2 boys... yikes.


Julianne said...

Five things from your Aunt Julie:
1) You're beautiful
2) You can handle four children the way someone like me can handle one!
3) You are doubly blessed in this pregnancy
4) You have a supportive family
5) You get special treatment with twins!

Jamie said...

I'm trying to remember if I said any of those bad things to you when I saw you this week. I do think you look great!

JP's MOM said...

Oh no...thankfully all the not to say comments have come from strangers or sort of strangers.

I love how supportive all you gals have been to me! :)

Darlene R. said...

I'm sure you look lovely carrying those little boys! You are going to have all kinds of fun with two of them.

Janelle said...

You remember all the horrible things strangers said to me during my pregnancy. I think people feel free-er to comment with pregnant women. I am sorry you are hearing those things.

You look amazing and I know that you will figure things out in record time. It will be hard, but you have never backed down from a challenge.

You can do it!

Shelley said...

Jen, you DO look awesome! I hate it when strangers, or sort-of-strangers make stupid comments. Ugh!

I think our guys are having fun downstairs!

Alana said...

I seriously can't wait to hold those two babies ;-)

Anonymous said...

Soak in the good and tune out the bad! It is amazing what people will say to someone when they are expecting!