Saturday, July 19, 2008

The week in review....

It has been a long and exhausting week. To sum it up:
460 miles
4 days
2 - 7 hour shopping days
5- restaurants
1- farm
1- free movie
1-ball game
1-birthday party
1-amusement food place
1-sick little girl
1-2am wake up
1-4am wake up
1-open gym
1- zoo
1- arcade
1- photo session
4- way too early mornings
4- way too late evenings
1- sweaty stinky boy
1- exhausted baby girl
1- crabby cranky mommy
1- patient and serving daddy
Sunday night minor league ball game in the big city.

JP enjoyed getting MANY autographs.

AJ's highlight was running the bases after the game. FAST! believe it or not, she passed 10 other people. And yes she was keeping count!

AJ enjoyed a lovely day at the farm.
she did not enjoy the smell IN the barn.

She loved the playground though!

Next up we have a lovely day at the zoo, where we found "nice" goats. As opposed to the goats who tried to eat her skirt at a local theme park.

Highlight of the zoo trip was feeding the giraffe. And let me tell you a giraffe has a LONG leathery scratchy tongue!

Aah golf camp. The boy actually enjoyed 4 days of golf camp last week at one of the local country clubs. He enjoyed playing well in exchange for candy. By the looks of his full pockets each day he played a great golf game!

Boy Scout Day camp on Saturday. JP and Aaron spent an entire day at BS camp. JP stepped up and got a bullseye right away!

First time firing a gun. Yikes!

Soccer Camp at the nearest major university. 4 SEVEN hour long days of nothing but SOCCER. it was a dream for my boy, although he is too modest to really let us know how great it was.

Here he is with his coach, number 20. JP received an awesome evaluation from the soccer camp. His coaches were most impressed with his attitude, determination, coachability, heading a ball, dribbling, passing, shooting, and receiving.
He was very excited to read that his coach said, "...keep practicing and you will go far." As most little boys dream of the "majors" I believe visions of adult soccer playing are definitely in my boy's head now!


Shelley said...

Wow Jen, you made me tired! My favorite pic was the one of JP and his daddy at the ball game!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a busy,but fun week.

dawn said...

What a full week. I still love AJ in her baseball skirt! Makes me smile everytime I see her.

Carissa said...

i'm exhausted just reading that!

Darlene R. said...

I agree with Shelley, I'm a little tired after reading that!

Janelle said...

Hope you are resting this weekend after such a busy couple of weeks. Raise your hand if you are ready for VBS and some free time!

I love that you and AJ had some fun time last week.

Anonymous said...

What a list! That must have been exhausting, but it looks like the list included many fun things as well! All the pics were great!

Alana said...

Looks like a fun week, hopefully this week is a little more relaxing for ya!

Sherri said...

wow...that looks like an amazing week to me!!!!!