Friday, August 29, 2008

Boys and Girls...

The Mans man

JP suffered his first playground injury of the school year today as he took an intense tetherball to the eyeball.

In my concern when I picked him up i asked " how is your eye?"

JP: "Do I have a black eye yet, I hope it turns into a black eye. That will make me tougher."

The Girly Girl

AJ on the other hand decided today that , "she is taking a break from MOPS. It is off the list."

However, "The Childrens Place is on the list though. They have cute skirts and shirts."

Apparently who needs socializing at the playground, when you got quality shopping.


Shelley said...

Well...I guess we could shop together. That way we'd have some quality, socializing, shopping time!

That's funny about JP. Sounds just like a boy!

Janelle said...

Skip was walking out the door when JP was walking in with his ice pack. He thought it was going to be bad. Hope not.

Anonymous said...

So funny! A while back I asked my Best Girl if she wanted to go to basketball camp like her brother. She said, "No. I want to go to a camp where they wear pretty skirts."

Sounds like she and AJ would get along well!

Jamie said...

Very cute. I have no idea about boys, we live in girlie world here. Someday we will know a little about it.

Alana said...

Love that..."it's off the list". Too funny!