Friday, August 22, 2008

Sharpen your pencils...

First Day of 2nd Grade

It was the smoothest first day morning yet, as far as getting everyone ready and out the door. In fact we were so early we beat all the "loop" traffic and actually had to sit and wait in the car before we walked JP in.

Lacking in confidence he was not. Those eyes and that smile get me every time!

Organizing his desk.

A locker he can fit into. He actually had his sister in it. His locker partner was not there, so he is hoping "he is a good kid".

After he put his backpack away he scurried into his class and sat down with a giant smile. That is when we left and I realized I forgot to hug him goodbye. He was too ready. He is very excited to be in the only "computer class" in 2nd grade. Most of the work they do will be computer based, with little use of actual textbooks.
Good Luck in 2nd grade JP!


Shelley said...

Great pictures Jen! I hope he has a fantastic second day of second grade today!

Janelle said...

How you get him to wear not one, but two collared shirts is beyond me. Do you need more? We have some that won't be touched this year!

This will be a great year for him!

Alana said...

The whole lockers in grade school thing cracks me up. Looks like a great first day!

Jaime said...

I've never seen lockers in grade school, either. My son started 2nd grade today and he was "too ready" also. It totally threw me off.
Great pics.