Monday, September 29, 2008

Duct Tape- Aisle 5...

Game 2
1 ringer, 1 sub, 8 exhausted kids
JP played entire game without subbing...just check out his face and hair at end of game.

Perhaps the mommies of the Lightning should make a trip to the local hardware store and each purchase a roll of duct tape.

I do believe we all get just a wee bit excited at these games. And the funny thing is that we know the boys can't hear us, so why do we continue to scream?

We are soccer moms. Real true soccer moms.

We are the same moms who really quite calmly cheer our boys through a baseball game. There is the occasional shout at a basketball game. I mean last Thursday I actually sat with crossed lady legs and a soft clap through a flag football game.

I only bring this up because as I thought back to the middle of the game where I looked down and literally all of us mom's were yelling, I had to giggle at how funny we must sound to the other team.

Still I love shouting out to the boys. And really it is not all direction, most of it in fact is encouragement to all the boys not just my own.

Oh how I love a good soccer game. And great mom friends to scream with me!


Jamie said...

I am so glad that you have great friends to cheer with. You had better save your voice for your two new little soccer stars.

Shelley said...

You know if I had a soccer playin' boy, I'd be right there with you girls!

Janelle said...

There ain't nothing calm about me at a baseball game. Don't you remember the shout heard round the world...


Calm is not my middle name. What cracks me up is when I yell the wrong name. yeah, I am a winner!

I just can't help myself.

Alana said...

I don't need no stinkin' duct tape. I will cheer shamelessly for our my boy and his team! ;-)

dawn said...

It's so true. I just cannot help myself. We just need to keep one another accountable in case we get out of control....I mean, what's good about going after the moms on the other team and such?