Thursday, September 11, 2008

My first failed test...

Well it has happened.

Today I received a big fat FAIL on a test.

More specifically my glucose test for gestational diabetes.

It is quite possible that the 10 1/2 gallons of yummy delicious ice cream in my freezer, just may have something to do with the results. I'm just guessing.

So it is off to do a 3 HOUR LONG test on Monday.


You would think with as many medical advances as we have that they would figure out a more convenient way to make a final diagnosis on gestational diabetes. Like I don't have better things to do than sit in the outpatient area on a Monday for 3 HOURS. I suppose 3 hours would be ok if they had lazy boys and individual tv's, but please I gotta share 1 magazine with 50 other people. And have I mentioned how not fun it is to NOT eat for more than 12 hours!

So on other updates with this pregnancy....

I am now beginning my twice weekly NST testing at the Labor and Delivery Ward of the hospital. That along with biweekly doctor's appointments, plus the kids activities is making it quite necessary to just go ahead and hire a personal secretary to follow me around and remind me where to go when.

I may also need to invest in a plethora of various colors of hi-lighters.

Although I have never forgotten to pick JP up from school, I really feel that this could be the year. Why can't my cell phone have a friday only alarm for early out anyway?

On a side note, if you have never had your blood drawn by an old high school ex-girlfriend of your husbands...let's just say it is gonna hurt and you may have a bruise.

Oh and a big thank you to JANELLE for providing me with the "you look awesome pregnant" super cute red shirt. If only Liz Lange was still making this shirt, I would go buy it in EVERY color.


Celeste said...

That's the first test you've ever failed in your life? Wow! Impressive! I think you can sneak out in between blood tests. Shop at Target, if you can walk after being so weak from not eating. :(

Janelle said...

That shirt is down right HOT!

Shelley said...

That shirt WAS cute! And stay away from the ice cream for the next few days, and I bet you'll pass on Monday.

Jaime said...

Oh no! Not fun at all! Good luck with everything:)

Darlene R. said...

Been there, done that! Take some peanut butter crackers in your purse for afterwards. I almost passed out after not eating for so long. I went to the gift shop and downed two packs of those orange peanut butter crackers!

Totallyscrappy said...

I must be the only individual not disappointed by the three hour test. You mean I get three hours in a quiet office with stacks of magazines and nobody asking me for anything (besides blood)? LOL! Bring an IPod and your own magazines!
The ultrasounds of those boys was stunning. Thanks for sharing those pics.

Anonymous said...

I am reading this on Monday, so I hope the 3 hour test went well!