Friday, November 28, 2008

First Bath...

The first bath. 2 1/2 weeks old. Baby A is on the right and Baby B is on the left. A cried whole time and B whimpered at first and then was loving it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The twins have arrived...

At 37 weeks, Aaron and I arrived at the hospital at 5am for a scheduled C-Section. The check-in and prep time took longer than the whole procedure. At 7:25am we welcomed Baby A feet first into the world at 18" and 5 pounds 9 ounces. At 7:27 am we welcomed Baby B feet first and peeing all over into the world at 17.75" and 5 pounds 6 ounces. They are beautiful baby boys. The boys appear to be identical as they ended up sharing one placenta.

Both boys are healthy and gaining weight, although they both required some minor supplementing the first few days. Baby B was born with very low blood sugar, so he had a cup feeding of formula just after his bath. He continued to have issues with his blood sugar for the first 24 hours. After 3 bottles and the warming lamps he stabilized his blood sugar and is a nursing champ. Baby A started to lose too much weight in the hospital, so he received a couple of supplements. Once my milk came in both boys have had no problems.

We have been home for one solid week now and have fallen into a good groove. The nights are a bit long, but we are getting used to it. The biggest difference between bringing the boys home and bringing one baby home is the inability to tag team the older kids and baby(ies). When we brought AJ home Aaron was strictly in charge of entertaining and meeting JP's needs. I had thought we would do the same this time, but 2 babies really need 2 adults that first week or so. Especially at night. Just think of a blurred round robin of me feeding, Aaron burping and diapering. Then switch. Non stop all night. The boys do sleep beautifully from about 6:30 am to 9:30 am. Those are good sleeping hours.

At 10 days old here are some differences we see in the boys:

A-loves to stay curled in a ball, keeps his hands in fists up by his face in defense, think he will have an innie, has chubby cheeks, he squeaks more, has a high pitched cry, and more hair on top.

B-loves to stay sprawled out, think he has an outie, has a thin face, long forhead, less hair on top, has more patience than A.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I am amazed that it is already November 3.

It seems like just yesterday we were surprised with the news of our twins. Now here I sit a mere 2 days aways from seeing the sweet faces of the two little guys who have been kicking me daily.

This afternoon everything became very real when the hospital called to pre-register my c-section. Wow.

5am arrival Wednesday morning with a start time of 7am.

I want to just sit for the next 48 hours and hold AJ because I know the moment the boys are born she will seem just so "big".


Saturday, November 1, 2008

The week in review...

I have had so many things I have wanted to blog about in this past week, but I could just never find the motivation. This afternoon with an empty house I finally found my bloggy motivation. I am now 36 weeks and STILL pregnant. Crazy. We have officially scheduled the C-section for Wednesday November 5th first thing in the morning. So the countdown begins.
What better way to kick off the countdown than to spend a gorgeous Saturday putting up Christmas trees and decorations throughout the house. It was wonderful!
Here is the week in pictures:
Thursday Night Lights:
JP had an incredible football game. He had an important "tackle" followed by this incredible 80 yard run for a touchdown.
I hate that I didn't have my large flash to compensate for the dark night.
Thumbs up Mom! I scored!

As if scoring and tackling wasn't enough the boy also had an awesome play at quarterback. He threw a perfect TIGHT spiral complete for a Cowboys 1st DOWN. YEA! Final Score 30-12. Cowboys win.

Then we have me at 36 weeks...I am done trying to be pretty. :)

Thursday I thought for sure I would go into labor, just because it was CRAZY HAIR DAY at school and this is how I sent my son!

Shockingly this is what he looked like AFTER a full day of wear on that crazy hair.

Then came Halloween. JP and AJ came up with their costumes on their own. Lilo and Stitch.

This was the first year I did not take the kids trick or treating. It was a sad night. :(

Today we had JP's second to last soccer game. Final score 2-0. Lightning wins. It was a great game to watch. Grey team was all boys and one girl, almost all 2nd graders. Yellow was all girls and two boys, almost all 3rd graders. I think the boys now do realize that the girls do have game. :)