Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Confessions of an A_al Retentive Mommy...

I like to be in charge.

I like to have control.

I love being busy.

I thrive on a full calendar.

I need to be involved.

So imagine after the past several months of being checked out, how I must be feeling. Can't picture it? Let me tell ya...

It's like an addict going through intense withdrawl.

Agonizing, painful, withdrawl.


Shelley said...

Oh sweetie, you'll get back to that full callendar soon enough! It is hard though, when you have babies, and have to work around THEIR scheduale so much. I know this has been tough for you! You are doing great though. You look FANTASTIC, and are amazingly doing a lot for just being one month out!

Janelle said...

It is still so fresh. You will get back in the game in no time.

It's funny how it changed for me. I no longer want those things. I just want to be home with my people. I don't like to go go go anymore. For me, it was a good thing to let go of.

You will find your balance of busy soon enough.

Lane5 said...

I'm with J...I am enjoying just sitting, relaxing and enjoying my family at home...no chasing and running is good from time to time. Enjoy while you can...the running constantly will be back and you will be wishing for some down time.