Friday, December 5, 2008

Month ONE...

Is it really possible that one entire full month has passed since the birth of the twins?
It really doesn't seem quite possible.
It has been a wonderful whirlwind of feeding, burping, diapering, rocking, snuggling, bathing, clothing...etc. We have been blessed with amazing meals from friends and family. We have enjoyed lots of company. We have even managed to sleep.
So here are the individual highlights on each twin.
This is Baby A...aka THE MONKEY

Monkey you started out as the least patient one, but now I see you are actually pretty patient and content on your own. However when you are hungry, you want to eat right now! Which is actually just fine because you are the scrawny one. You love to lay in your crib in the afternoon when the sunlight dances through the window. In fact today you layed there so contently until you eventually fell asleep.
You nurse quite frantically, so it takes you a minute to latch on. You have the cutest high pitched cry, like a squawking bird. The way your mouth curls when you cry is incredibly cute! You have beautiful blue eyes that remained closed and sleepy until this past week. This past week you also have such a cute "grin" on your face when you are happy and looking around. Your free time is typically spent in the bouncy seat on vibrate. You also enjoy napping on your own, or laying on the floor. Nighttime is when you snuggle mommy, since you typically nurse longer than your brother. We usually fall asleep together during the middle of the night feeding. When you sleep you always end up rolling onto your side, curled into a tiny ball. Monkey I can't wait to see you grow this next month!
Meet Baby B...aka THE LION
Lion you are the snuggler. You love to lay on anyone's chest. I think you would prefer to sleep on your tummy if we let you. You are a champion nurser, even with your rough start needing supplemented formula. You have now surpassed your older brother to become what we lovingly call you 'the chunk'. Your face has filled out so much in this past month. You have the most amazing BIG blue eyes. You love looking around at your new world, so much so that you have worn a bald spot on the back of you head from moving your head side to side. Opposite your nickname, your cry is not so much a giant roar but rather the most adorable little quiet sound.
You hate to spit up, but do it after every feeding. When you spit up, you make a pout face and whimper. You are strong and have been able to roll to your side for weeks. You love to be stretched out and sprawled out.
You enjoy spending your free time in the swing. You like to be read to by your big sister AJ, while you sit in the boppy. In the afternoons you prefer to take your nap on my chest. It is like you know that is when Monkey is sleeping and that has become your special snuggle time. At night you like to snuggle Daddy after Mommy goes to bed. The two of you stay up and watch car shows together. You are so close to purposely smiling.
Lion I can't wait to see more of your personality this next month.

Monkey on the left and Lion on the right.

Each month we will take your pictures with these stuffed animals, to show your growth.


Janelle said...

Beautiful, Jen. Simply beautiful. The world is just as it should be.

Celeste said...

How adorable!!

Shelley said...

What a wonderful update Jen! Monkey and Lion are the sweetest babies. I can't wait to cuddle them tonight!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Isn't it amazing how their personalities shine through. The pictures are adorable!

Darlene R. said...

How sweet! The boys are just adorable. I am so happy that you are adjusting so well to having two little one. The letters are going to be so special when they are grown.

Sherri said...

They are tiny. I can't wait to watch them grow!!

Jaime said...

Love the update and the nicknames! They sound like perfect little babies!:)

Alana said...

What a sweet post. Love the feet ;-)