Thursday, July 23, 2009

MONTH 8...

Eight Months

Little Guy on the left...Big Guy on the right.
June was an exciting month for our family. JP went to kamp for a week, then we picked him up and headed to Family Kamp for a week.
The twins enjoyed the child watch at kamp while mommy and daddy got to spend quality time with the big kids.
Little Guy on the left...Big Guy on the right.

At Kamp they nicknamed you "The Curious One", which is so fitting. You are an adventurer. You act before you think. You are a true monkey and this month you have been putting your climbing skills to the test. You can climb out of your stroller, so I have been on the lookout for a fivepoint harness double stroller. You also managed to knock over the baby gate at your doorway. You are a strong little guy! At kamp you fell in love with the pool. The water was warm and you loved crawling through it. On the 7th you waved bye bye just after we dropped JP off at kamp. On the 20th you started pulling up and standing on things. On the 24th you started shaking your head NO-NO. It is too stinking cute. You have been enjoying more foods for dinner including squash, sweet taters, carrots, beans, peas, and bananas. We are just starting the fruits, but you definitely love them more than veggies. You are sleeping in the play yard in my room with your brother. You sleep on the left, but tend to wake up on the opposite side frequently. You go to bed about 10pm and you wake at about 2am, 4am ,and 6am. On your 8 month birthday I finally packed up the 0-3 month clothes. You just started wearing 3-6 month. You also just finished using all the size 1 diapers so we are moving on to size 2. Since kamp you became a mommy's boy. You love your snuggle time with momma.
14lbs 1 oz

The monkey in action.

Little Guy and his BIG BLUE EYES

Little Guy...ole blue eyes

At kamp they nicknamed you "The Cuddler" which was so fitting. You are a great snuggler. You love to be held on a chest and watch tv with your head snuggled under a chin. You study things before you try them. You are a little professor. You started crawling forward on June 5-6. From there you have become extremely FAST! While you are sitting you have been daringly trying to rock back and forth. It gives you great joy to rock, until that occasion that you lose control and fall backward. You enjoy sitting in your stroller and have yet to try to climb out. At kamp you finally enjoyed swimming in the super warm shallow water. You loved crawling through it. Around the 18th you became very vocal. We laugh because it was around pirate night at kamp that you started talking...Your first sounds were ARGH! On the 2oth you started pulling up and standing on things. You have incredible balance compared to Little Guy, probably because you take your time. You keep crawling into the kitchen and when we say we are going to get you you speedily crawl away with a shriek. I love it! You sleep in the play yard in my room with your brother. You sleep on the right and like to pull the blankie onto your face. I just packed up your 0-3 month clothes on your 8 month birthday and you just finished using all the size 1 diapers. You have been enjoying eating dinners of squash, sweet taters, carrots, beans, peas, and bananas. You really don't care for peas and carrots bother you, but you LOVE your bananas.
24 1/4"
13 lbs 12oz
(not sure the length is correct...I think the difference between the two is more like 1/4" not 3/4" )

Big Guy and his cutie tongue!

Big Guy and those amazing eyes that are hard to describe. Hazelly Green?

4th of July

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Seven Months
It has been a very exciting and busy month, thus why I am so incredibly late in posting this. That and the fact I really don't want to think of my babies as seven whole months old!

Little Guy
Sometimes known as ole blue eyes. What a fun month for you! You are the curious one. You have grown so much this month. You had been crawling and scooting well, but now you are up on all fours and flat out chasing me down. I never know where I might find you investigating something. You enjoy playing with toys that make a bit of noise. You started eating cereal this month and you love it! You also love eating cereal puffs. At first you wanted them to be placed in your mouth, but now you are willing to touch them and feed yourself. You move from laying to sitting with ease. You have been enjoying watching your big brother play baseball from the stroller. Although sometimes you try to crawl out. On May 25th you crawled over to your crying brother and put your thumb into his mouth to comfort him, it was adorable! You are still sleeping at night with Big Guy in a pack n play in Mommy and Daddy's room. You love to have your blue silky blankie with you when you sleep. You really don't need your paci and usually spit it out. You are waking at least 2 times a night to eat, but you go right back to sleep. You are still just a peanut wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.
12 lbs 12 oz
24 1/8"

Little Guy

Big Guy

In the picture above you are either saying mama or num num. It is the face you make with a sound that sounds like mummum. You do it when you want to be fed and it is adorable. What a month for you buddy. You have caught up to your brother as far as the mobility goes. You were much more wobbly on your sitting, but are now doing great. You crawl backwards with a bit of a scoot. You have been practicing getting up on all fours. Because you only crawl backwards you keep backing under the furniture and getting stuck. On the 23rd you started doing this super cute rocking sit thing. You are not as graceful at falling as your brother so when you topple it is a thud. Finally on the 28th you started crawling forward. Once you did that, you were off! Now mommy is in trouble with 2 babies crawling in opposite directions! You started cereal this month, but are much pickier about the temperature of your food. You have no problem feeding yourself stuff your entire fist in your mouth! You love your paci and your blue blankie when you sleep. You still wear 0-3 clothes and a size 1 diaper.

12lbs 4oz
23 3/4"

Big Guy

Little Guy on left Big Guy on right

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Play Ball....

You know its summer at the first crack of the bat...

Friday, May 29, 2009

First Food...

Now that the boys are 6 months we decided it was time to start them on food.
On May 14th after JP's crossover ceremony for cub scouts everyone gathered round the table to feed the babies rice cereal. It was quite the event with mommy, daddy, JP, AJ, grammie, and grandpa. Of course there were cameras flashing and video taping as well.

JP and AJ did the honors. AJ is feeding Big Guy and JP is feeding Little Guy.

Big Guy loving it! They both grabbed onto the spoons and shoved the food in.

mommy feeding Little Guy who was extremely excited to be eating!

This is how they felt about empty bowls! Needless to say, they were so ready to eat big boy food!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Month 6...

Six months...
as in Happy Half Birthday...
Of course it has taken me so long to be 'ok' with the thought that half of their first year is over, this post should really be a 6 1/2 month post!

Big Guy on the left and Little Guy on the right.

Little Guy

I love how you chew on exactly 1 finger or 1 thumb just like in this picture. You are a wild man. You crawl everywhere. This month you have been nursing more and taking less supplements. You have been tripoding wonderfully. Your strength for such a little guy is amazing. Because of your strength you have been banned from the swing and the bumbo. You stood up in the swing and you climbed out of the bumbo and crawled ontop of your brother. You love to eat your feet, or just hold them. Sleep has been great this month. You go to bed very easily about 9:30pm and then wake 1-2 times a night. You have had more 'sleep through the night' nights than your brother. You spent the month of April tagging along to many soccer games for your big brother and sister. You didn't seem to mind all the cheering by mommy. You are still wearing 0-3 clothes, although your warm weather choices are limiting in 0-3 so you are wearing some 3-6 on hot days and they 'hang' on you. You still wear a size 1 diaper!
11lbs 14oz
24 1/8"
16 1/2" head

AJ and Little Guy

Little Guy
personality plus

Big Guy you are a sweetie. You found your voice this month, just as I started to worry. You really started cooing, but you are still quite quiet. This month you really started to move. You are a rolling machine! You really study your toys, as opposed to batting at them. You feel them over and over. You love your hands and most often have an entire fist stuffed into your mouth. You drool A LOT, especially when around a crowd of people. You are Daddy's boy at bedtime. Only Daddy can put you to sleep. Sleep is better for you, but you still wake at least 2 times a night. When you are mad you pull your fists down on your head by your ears. You also say so much with your eyes and a pout cry. April has been a whirl wind of stroller rides at soccer games. You are still wearing size 0-3 clothes, although on HOT days you don a 3-6 month outfit. Those outfits are roomy to say the least. You do not like to be hot. You still comfortably wear a size 1 diaper.
11lbs 7ozs
16 1/2" head

Big Guy and JP

Those eyes!
Big Guy
Just to put things into perspective as far as size, I dug out the stats for JP and AJ at 6 months. Now JP was a 'normal' size baby as far as always wearing the size that is his age. AJ was a petite baby.
Little Guy 11lbs 14 oz 24 1/8" 16 1/2" head
Big Guy 11lbs 7oz 24" 16 1/2" head
AJ 15lbs 11oz 25"
JP 18lbs 4 oz 28 1/4" 17 3/4" head
I was shocked when I saw how much LARGER JP was! Unbelievable.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Super Soccer Saturday...

It is a beautiful Saturday morning.
Soccer here we come!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I SPY a birthday...

My sweet baby boy turned 8 this month.
I still picture this boy as the strong bald smiley baby that his twin brothers remind me of.

This year JP wanted a SPY party. He is all about all things SPY.

So his Dad and I got to work researching all things SPY. We had different stations set up throughout the house for the kids to go thru Spy School. The stations included: target practice, fingerprinting, lifting fingerprints, identifying fingerprint types, bomb handling, listening exercises, identifying aeriel images, codebreaking, and more.

Laser Avoidance outside

All JP's friends

A little target practice

Family Party Cake Fun.
AJ, Elle, Loulabelle, and Luke

AJ was so proud of the sports shirts she bought for JP

Thank you cousin Jamas for fulfilling JP's dream of a tire swing!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
AJ and I coloring eggs. We just can't color enough eggs. Really I am not sure who enjoys it or her! :)

Big Guy found his Easter basket hiding under his exersaucer. He liked his new rubber ducky and is excited to try out his new swim suit!

Little Guy was just thrilled to find his basket hiding behind his swing! He can't wait to try out his new overalls.

Family of 6? When did that happen?
This Easter was a very un-springlike Easter. Cloudy, dark, frigid, and rainy day. So there were a few last minute outfit changes since Easter outfits were chosen for warm April weather. We actually overslept and had to get 6 people ready for church in just 40 minutes. We did it and actually made it to church on time! Amazing!

The boys first Easter. Daddy got them dressed and actually mixed up their outfits. Not a big deal, but when we look back at photos, their formal studio shots are opposite. :)

The Easter bunny did a great job of hiding baskets this year. It took the kids FOREVER to find their baskets. JP's was hidden in the twins toy box under a layer of toys. AJ's basket was hidden in the laundry basket in the bathroom under a layer of dirty clothes!
We spent the morning at church and then came home to see that the Easter Bunny came while we were gone. Then we went to Nana and Papa's house for lunch and an indoor egg hunt with the kids cousin AT. The evening was spent with Grammy and Grandpa with an egg hunt and basket hunt followed by a delicious dinner.