Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I love seeing the bonds of the big kids to the twins shining through already. Each big kid has a special bond with one particular twin.

JP and Big Guy love to snuggle. JP will hold Big Guy up on the couch and the two of them will just stare out the window into the back yard. JP dreaming of a tree house and Big Guy just loving all the colors.

AJ and Little Guy love to read. Little Guy will listen intently as AJ reads book after book to him. He even tries to peer at the pictures of the book.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Month FOUR...

This fourth month has brought on a whole new bag of emotions. While I am truly excited for what is to come, I am sad that four whole months have passed already. This fourth month has been a big one.

Little Guy
Little Guy you have had the most changes this month. It has been amazing watching you grow, literally right before our eyes! You are still taking double feedings, including the high calorie formula. You may actually need a new nickname because this month you officially passed up your brother! You are a roly poly little guy, you are never in the same spot when we lay you down. You have become so smiley and absolutely love to "talk". You tell the biggest stories especially at night. You are so much stronger than last month. You are batting at toys, cooing, laughing, and of course rolling over both directions. You are now wearing a size 1 diaper and size 0-3 month clothes. You are a very content baby. You put yourself to sleep and can sleep without anyone snuggling you. You just stopped being swaddled at night and I love watching you sprawl out on your side.
22 7/8"
15 3/4 " head
24 3/4" (not sure this is accurate)
10lbs 14oz
16 1/4" head
Little Guy

Big Guy

Big Guy you are the sweet little snuggler. You are a watcher. You are also very aware when we leave the room. You prefer to have us either holding you, or within your sight. You must be snuggling someone to sleep, tightly swaddled. You also like to have your blankie pulled up over your face, silky side down. You are very strong on your tummy and push yourself up very high. You are very aware of your hands. If you are not chewing on your hands or sucking your fingers, you are rubbing your eyes. You have a big cute laugh that almost sounds like a cry. You are ticklish under your chin. You are still the champion nurser. You are finishing up the last of our size newborn diapers now and wearing a size 0-3 months clothes.

22 3/4"
10lbs 5 oz
15 3/4" head

23 3/4"
10lbs 8oz
16 1/4" head

Big Guy

Bumbo time

Sweet Boys

A little afternoon laugh

My how you have grown!
This past week has been amazing growth. In just one week it has become almost impossible to tell the two of you apart from across the room, something that used to be easy. As the weight has evened out you have both been stumping people.
I can't wait to see what the next month brings, but please let's slow down a bit. :)