Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I love seeing the bonds of the big kids to the twins shining through already. Each big kid has a special bond with one particular twin.

JP and Big Guy love to snuggle. JP will hold Big Guy up on the couch and the two of them will just stare out the window into the back yard. JP dreaming of a tree house and Big Guy just loving all the colors.

AJ and Little Guy love to read. Little Guy will listen intently as AJ reads book after book to him. He even tries to peer at the pictures of the book.


Shelley said...

That is so precious. I loved watching Annie care for Austin at that age. Special times!

Carissa said...

your family is SO sweet jen!

Alana said...

Very sweet! Love the pictures, too!

Jamie said...

What cute kids you have. Thanks for the peek at them.