Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Month FIVE...

The title of this post should really be Month FIVE AND A HALF. This by far has been the hardest month to come to terms with. I just can't believe my sweet boys are 5 months old! I know that with every child the time seems to go faster, but this is ridiculous. I mean serisouly shouldn't I still be pregnant?

It was exactly 1 year ago today that we found out Baby #3 was really Baby #3 AND #4. A little bit of shock followed, but what an awesome blessing these two special boys have been to our family!

This month has brought on even more changes including less sleep and more play. Mommy and Daddy have gotten MORE sleep though! Yay!

Little Guy you are so active! You can roll all the way across a room. On March 27 you started to army crawl backwards. You don't seem to mind when you roll from the rug to the hardwood floor, or even roll under the coffee table. You are very very smiley all the time. You coo and "talk" when you are happy. Your laugh is adorable. You have been playing with your toys.
I have misplaced your growth stats, so I will have to come back and edit those when I find them. You are a great sleeper. Typically you like to sleep in in the morning. We have cut back your supplements to just 1 -4 ounce bottle of high calorie formula a day. You are also tripod sitting. On April 1st you were 12pounds and I think 23 7/8" You are the bigger twin, but not by much. It is not as noticeable now. You are wearing a size 1 diaper and size 0-3 clothes still. You are long and skinny.
(your face is not truly this were scrunching it up)
You are the quiet one. You study things. I think you will not do things until you know you can do it right. You do roll over back to front and front to back, but typically if we set you down you stay put. You love to lay next to your brother and steal his paci. You will look straight at him and then just pluck it. You also love to hold hands with Little Guy especially if he is fussing you reach out for him. It is so sweet. You have the sweetest smile. You like to fall asleep with a blanket over your head. We just stopped swaddling you when you sleep. You have started to play with the toys and love to grab the toys hanging above you. You are also tripod sitting. You don't like to be alone. On April 1st you were 11 pounds 5 ounces? and 23 5/8" I think. You are wearing a size 1 diaper and size 0-3 clothes. You are also very long and skinny!

You both LOVE to be outside.

Big Guy on Left and Little Guy on the Right

You will spend A LOT of time in this stroller this summer watching your big brother and sister play soccer and baseball!
Big Guy on the Left and Little Guy on the right

The official 5 month pic with the monkeys
Big Guy on the left and Little Guy on the right

Little Guy and Big Guy

Little Guy & Big Guy

Big Guy tackling Little Guy


Jamie said...

Jen, they are so cute. They are growing so fast.

Carissa said...

seriously jen...they are ADORABLE!!!! great pics!

Janelle said...

I love the blanket shots on the bottom. Get ready for lots of wrestling! Love those babies!

Shelley said...

I agree, it's CRAZY that they're already that old! I love all the pics. They are adorable babies!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

LOVE the monkey pics!!!

Sherri said...

They looks so much alike..identical. How fun!!!

tinawann said...

Adorable babies!