Saturday, June 27, 2009


Seven Months
It has been a very exciting and busy month, thus why I am so incredibly late in posting this. That and the fact I really don't want to think of my babies as seven whole months old!

Little Guy
Sometimes known as ole blue eyes. What a fun month for you! You are the curious one. You have grown so much this month. You had been crawling and scooting well, but now you are up on all fours and flat out chasing me down. I never know where I might find you investigating something. You enjoy playing with toys that make a bit of noise. You started eating cereal this month and you love it! You also love eating cereal puffs. At first you wanted them to be placed in your mouth, but now you are willing to touch them and feed yourself. You move from laying to sitting with ease. You have been enjoying watching your big brother play baseball from the stroller. Although sometimes you try to crawl out. On May 25th you crawled over to your crying brother and put your thumb into his mouth to comfort him, it was adorable! You are still sleeping at night with Big Guy in a pack n play in Mommy and Daddy's room. You love to have your blue silky blankie with you when you sleep. You really don't need your paci and usually spit it out. You are waking at least 2 times a night to eat, but you go right back to sleep. You are still just a peanut wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.
12 lbs 12 oz
24 1/8"

Little Guy

Big Guy

In the picture above you are either saying mama or num num. It is the face you make with a sound that sounds like mummum. You do it when you want to be fed and it is adorable. What a month for you buddy. You have caught up to your brother as far as the mobility goes. You were much more wobbly on your sitting, but are now doing great. You crawl backwards with a bit of a scoot. You have been practicing getting up on all fours. Because you only crawl backwards you keep backing under the furniture and getting stuck. On the 23rd you started doing this super cute rocking sit thing. You are not as graceful at falling as your brother so when you topple it is a thud. Finally on the 28th you started crawling forward. Once you did that, you were off! Now mommy is in trouble with 2 babies crawling in opposite directions! You started cereal this month, but are much pickier about the temperature of your food. You have no problem feeding yourself stuff your entire fist in your mouth! You love your paci and your blue blankie when you sleep. You still wear 0-3 clothes and a size 1 diaper.

12lbs 4oz
23 3/4"

Big Guy

Little Guy on left Big Guy on right


Shelley said...

Nice post Jen! Your updates are great. Someday you will love looking back at all of this!

Alana said...

Can't believe those two are growing up so fast!