Thursday, July 23, 2009

MONTH 8...

Eight Months

Little Guy on the left...Big Guy on the right.
June was an exciting month for our family. JP went to kamp for a week, then we picked him up and headed to Family Kamp for a week.
The twins enjoyed the child watch at kamp while mommy and daddy got to spend quality time with the big kids.
Little Guy on the left...Big Guy on the right.

At Kamp they nicknamed you "The Curious One", which is so fitting. You are an adventurer. You act before you think. You are a true monkey and this month you have been putting your climbing skills to the test. You can climb out of your stroller, so I have been on the lookout for a fivepoint harness double stroller. You also managed to knock over the baby gate at your doorway. You are a strong little guy! At kamp you fell in love with the pool. The water was warm and you loved crawling through it. On the 7th you waved bye bye just after we dropped JP off at kamp. On the 20th you started pulling up and standing on things. On the 24th you started shaking your head NO-NO. It is too stinking cute. You have been enjoying more foods for dinner including squash, sweet taters, carrots, beans, peas, and bananas. We are just starting the fruits, but you definitely love them more than veggies. You are sleeping in the play yard in my room with your brother. You sleep on the left, but tend to wake up on the opposite side frequently. You go to bed about 10pm and you wake at about 2am, 4am ,and 6am. On your 8 month birthday I finally packed up the 0-3 month clothes. You just started wearing 3-6 month. You also just finished using all the size 1 diapers so we are moving on to size 2. Since kamp you became a mommy's boy. You love your snuggle time with momma.
14lbs 1 oz

The monkey in action.

Little Guy and his BIG BLUE EYES

Little Guy...ole blue eyes

At kamp they nicknamed you "The Cuddler" which was so fitting. You are a great snuggler. You love to be held on a chest and watch tv with your head snuggled under a chin. You study things before you try them. You are a little professor. You started crawling forward on June 5-6. From there you have become extremely FAST! While you are sitting you have been daringly trying to rock back and forth. It gives you great joy to rock, until that occasion that you lose control and fall backward. You enjoy sitting in your stroller and have yet to try to climb out. At kamp you finally enjoyed swimming in the super warm shallow water. You loved crawling through it. Around the 18th you became very vocal. We laugh because it was around pirate night at kamp that you started talking...Your first sounds were ARGH! On the 2oth you started pulling up and standing on things. You have incredible balance compared to Little Guy, probably because you take your time. You keep crawling into the kitchen and when we say we are going to get you you speedily crawl away with a shriek. I love it! You sleep in the play yard in my room with your brother. You sleep on the right and like to pull the blankie onto your face. I just packed up your 0-3 month clothes on your 8 month birthday and you just finished using all the size 1 diapers. You have been enjoying eating dinners of squash, sweet taters, carrots, beans, peas, and bananas. You really don't care for peas and carrots bother you, but you LOVE your bananas.
24 1/4"
13 lbs 12oz
(not sure the length is correct...I think the difference between the two is more like 1/4" not 3/4" )

Big Guy and his cutie tongue!

Big Guy and those amazing eyes that are hard to describe. Hazelly Green?


Heather said...

Such busy little guys! I love that last pic with his tongue out and brother in the background. You do such a great job of keeping up with all their milestones - and even specific dates! I am having trouble keeping up with one, don't know how you do it with both. You're such a great mommmy!

Shelley said...

8 months, wow! I'm still loving the monkey pics!

Alana said...

Cannot believe they are 8 months!!! The curious one...that's what we are always saying about Richie!