Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gentlemen, Start your engines...

We spent the better part of the afternoon, otherwise known as NAPTIME, at JP's Pinewood Derby for his Cub Scout Pack.
The twins did great especially after not getting a nap yesterday either.
The event went well, although JP did not do as well as he had hoped to. Usually he enjoys choosing design over speed, going for the most unique title. This year he had hopes of incorporating both. He definitely had the unique down, but the speed did not work out. His car ended being too lite, with no more spots to add the extra weight at the last minute without ruining the design.
He still did great though finishing in 3rd place for the Unique Deisgn Category.
The I-27 road sign complete with Lost Dog flyer and trashed soda cans thrown in the grass.

Miss AJ was excited to race her Groovy Bug. She did well, again not as fast as it was cute. She was thrilled with her results in the open division.
And after a very long afternoon, the babies drifted off to sleep as soon as their heads hit the mattress. So I will be missing the basketball game of the season in order to stay in the quiet house with sleeping babies.
A major bummer at first, but I practically never get the house to myself.

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Amanda said...

SOOO creative!! Love those soda cans in the grass... your kids are gorgeous AND talented!!