Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Straw time...

Twice a week sweet AJ has gymnastics team practice for an hour. During that time the babies enjoy a snack or two. Or five. Ha!
Monday was a quiet day at the gym, so I let the babies out of their stroller to play. They immediately found sissy's water bottle and began playing with it. It was the first time they both figured out how to drink from a straw.
Big Guy mastered drinking the cold water perfectly. Little Guy sucked down a ton of water and then would immediately shoot it right out his mouth. The cold was shocking to him.

Big Guy in the Blue. Little Guy in the Red

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Jedi Mama said...

I'm so glad to see you're back to blogging! I found your blog quite a while ago, quite by accident, as I was surfing around the internet one day, and I stopped on it simply because I LOVED the hair style that your oldest boy was sporting! We have a nine-year-old boy (who was a wee bit younger when I discovered your blog), and we immediately tried to get some of the funky spikes into his hair that your son had, but...sadly...I am not a hair wizard, and it didn't work! You should post a "how-to" picture series! How to achieve the really cool and trendy hair style that your boy sports! He's adorable -- all four of them are! Anyway, I love your blog -- love your pictures and your sense of family -- and I was glad to see some newer posts.