Thursday, February 25, 2010

They might be GIANTS...

We knew going into this year's basketball season that it would be a building year.
After our incredible soccer season, it would be a great opportunity for our boys to learn how to lose.
And not just how to lose, but how to lose with the heart of a champion.
Our team of boys is young. We are the youngest team in the league. We are also probably the shortest team in the league.
What we lack in age, experience, and height; we make up for in attitude and heart. This group of boys are not just great athletes, but they are promising young men.
They are also great friends, many of them playing together since they were 4.
I look forward to many more seasons, win or lose, with these boys.

JP, #7 red

Team, unity

It saddens me what other teams say during what is supposed to be a demonstration of sportsmanship.

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