Monday, February 8, 2010

Why the break?

Good question.

Obviously our hands are full at the babydolls and soccer balls house. Clearly that is just stating the obvious, or maybe not so obvious if you are not a Mom of Multiples.

Really I think the break was because of my desire to just keep my babies at 8 months old. The 9 month mark was a hard one and putting it in blog form just made it all the more REAL.

So while in my heart and my head the babies are still 8 months old, in reality they have celebrated many milestones. First steps, first teeth, first birthdays, second Christmas, first time sledding, first words, etc. It has been a wonderful 7 months!

Seven months?!

Seriously how does the time go so fast?

I will be playing catch up for a few posts just to document some of the big moments in the babies lives, and then we will resume with some regularly schedule programming.

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