Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Guy...

Little Guy
As I type this I am listening to your sweet sweet sounds as you refuse your nap. I don't blame you for not napping, I did not give you your paci. Your brother out of the blue gave up his paci a week or so ago, so today I thought I would test you and not give you one at nap time.
You are mommy's boy. When we are at home you would just assume to be held by me, or to have me very near. Although you keep me within sight, you are extremely curious.
And quick.
I love how when you are doing something you know is wrong, you run away squealing and giggling just as fast as your short little legs can carry you.
Your sweet voice is almost indescribable. A cute high pitch squeaky voice, dare I say almost girly. You don't have too many words, but the ones you have are complete sentences. Your favorite phrase is , "wha is dat". You don't call me mommy, but usually daddee. You have been calling daddy doo da. That just makes us laugh!
You have the most amazing blue eyes. You could say nothing with your mouth, but your eyes just speak volumes!
You will be the one to catch people off guard. You are the sweet one, who is also so curious. A dangerous combination if you ask me.
You can climb. This is new to me, since your big brother and sister were never really climbers. You love to climb up on to play tables and chairs. Anything that gets you up higher makes you smile, you are just so proud.
You have a love of all things cleaning. You just love vacuums and brooms. When Big Guy spills something you grab your broom and try to clean it up. You pick up pieces of trash and bring them to me.
Just in time for school pick up, you have now fallen asleep without your paci...I am so proud of you Little Guy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I scream, You Scream...

We all scream
Sometimes it is nice to spoil the kids with ice cream before dinner. With four kids a typical ice cream outing would be too expensive to do on a regular basis. Today I got to be the hero to my children, with the help of free cone day at Ben & Jerry's.
So after school pick-up, I surprised the kids with a trip to the Landing for the sweet treat. It was a perfect day to sit outside by the lake eating ice cream. After the treat we walked the lake and then headed to soccer practices for both kids.
It was a perfect afternoon.

JP and AJ
Enjoying lemonade sorbet and vanilla ice cream after school pick-up.

She is definitely my daughter. We share a great love of ice cream!

Big Guy
Enjoying vanilla ice cream from a cup. He is usually the super fast little piggy eater, but he was savoring it.

Little Guy
My usually sloow social eater, wolfed his ice cream down and then started eating big brothers cone.

Little Guy

Big Guy

Friday, March 19, 2010

All by myself...

Thursday was a perfect spring day.

Big Guy

Learned to do

All By Himself!

Over and Over and Over Again!

He was so incredibly proud!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wayback Wednesday...

It was about this time just 6 years ago that we found out JP would be a big brother to a baby sister. It was just days before my sister's wedding.
Isn't he just the cutest little ring bearer?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A few weeks ago JP went to the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. At the talent show one of the younger Den's performed a little skit called Pants On The Ground. I think it is a skit off of You*Tube. JP was extremely excited when he came home and has been wandering around the house singing the skit.
The other night I came into the twins room to see he had changed Big Guy's clothes and was dancing around singing with him.

Pants on the ground. Pants on the ground. Lookin' like a Fool with yer pants on the ground.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday...

This week is Spring Break and with all the recent major expenses we have had to endure, we will not be travelling. So I thought I would enjoy cooking and baking this week.
Monday: RICE BALLS, loaded baked potatoes, sweet corn, texas rolls.
Tuesday: JUICE BURGERS, french fries, strawberries
Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner. Pancakes and Waffles will be green for St. Patty's Day!
Thursday: Meatball Minestrone Soup, salad, Texas rolls
Friday: Buffalo Chicken Wraps, sweet potato fries
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Family Dinner at Grandma's or if that doesn't happen if the store is busy, then Pork Chops and rice.

Spring Ahead...

The Question of the week over at Multiples and More is:

What are you tips/tricks for handling daylight savings time?

First of all let me say that time changes that involves losing an hour of sleep should be illegal for parents of multiples! Especially in that first year. Last year was a rough time change for us, what with feeding every two hours.

Seriously though...We are installing a room darkening shade on our twin's window. They have a large bay window. That will hopefully allow them to still go to bed between 6:30-7:00, although it is still light out.

As I type the spring ahead is working for me because all 4 kids are still sleeping and it is 9:30.


Cue the harps and angels singing.

Nap time will still occur around the normal time of noon-4pm, but we will tweak it a bit for a few days like 1pm-4pm. Then we will slowly edge back to the noon.

For my preschool and school aged kids I really have no worries because it is SPRING BREAK! How smart is my school district?


Little Guy

Big Guy

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mirror, Mirror...

Big Guy has been calling Little Guy by name for quite some time. It is the cutest little sound.

Seriously cute.

Especially since Big Guy has a husky grunty voice, but his name for Little Guy is soft and sweet.

Little Guy who has a high pitched babbling voice has started calling Big Guy by his own name, Little Guy.

Confusing huh?

Well when you look like your brother, maybe not?

Little Guy

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Stinky...

This winter I decided to make some changes. Easy enough changes I thought.

Spend Less. Save More.

Simple right?


Until your cheap heat and air repair turns out to be the replacement of the whole system at the bargain price of a new car.

Then your sewer pump dies.

Your babies get chicken pox.

Your preschooler gets glasses.

And now it is time for a birthday party and 2 dentist visits.

Somehow someone thought I said:


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some milestones bring tears...

There are those milestones that kids are excited for.

Milestones that bring laughter and joy.

And then there are milestones that may bring sadness or tears.

Tuesday we took sweet AJ to her very first eye exam. An eye exam is a new requirement for entrance into kindergarten.

I had a sneaking suspicion that she might actually need glasses, since when she reads she holds the book extremely close to her face.

When my very observant 5 year old overheard the doctor tell me that she would need to wear glasses her lip began to quiver and she broke down and cried.

She was heartbroken.

There is no worse feeling than holding your sobbing child when their heart has been crushed.

What she did not hear was that the doctor only wants her to wear them for reading, writing, watching tv, and other up close activities. She does not need to wear them while playing outside or for sports. The doctor also believes that it is possible for her eyes to perhaps improve. We will reevaluate in 4 months to see what is next.

She perked up a bit when we walked over to the glasses and I told her she could pick any pair she wanted. That by the way was a very big step for myself!

She looked a bit and then saw a pair of Vera*Bradley glasses. She was immediately sold, especially when she heard it came with the matching case.

Now she would like a matching backpack for the first day of school!

Isn't she just stinkin' cute?!

Yesterday was her first day at school with them and she was so nervous. Thankfully she has an incredible teacher who made her feel at ease.
I just pray that kids in the future are as nice to her as the kids in her class were!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grocery Shopping 101...

When the twins were born I had to make a new plan for accomplishing the grocery shopping. The easy thing to do would have been to go alone at night but honestly the second the babies fell asleep, I did too.

So we went with plan B, which was to go when we needed whether I had 1 or 4 kids with me.

Convenient right?

Yea, not so much.

I figured it out though pretty quickly. The system worked well.

Most often I would go with the 3 little ones. That worked nice.

Ocassionally I would go with all 4 kids. That was not so fun, but doable. I would simply request the big kids walk directly to my left and right and that they stay on their sides. This kept any bickering to a minimum. It worked great except when the grocery store was so busy that our airplane shaped configuration would work. At those times I would have to plead with the big kids to walk behind me without bothering each other.

I could never have them walk in front of the cart because then I would run them over, since I couldn't see over the babies.

Then came the problem of trying to fit enough groceries for six stuffed in and around the babies car seats.

We were always a spectacle at the grocery store.

And my babies were always blissfully pleasant throughout the whole shopping trip, until we got to the checkout. Why oh why do they always find the need to start crying at the checkout. And why is it 98 degrees up there?

15 1/2 months
Big Guy buried on the bottom, Little Guy on the top

Big Guy on the bottom, Little Guy on the top

Now my boys have graduated from their baby seats and we have to learn a whole new way of grocery shopping.

I got 15 glorious months out of the old system of grocery shopping. It will be interesting to see how long I get out of the new system.

Big Guy on the left, Little Guy on the right

Little Guy on the left, Big Guy on the right

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Menu Plan Monday...

So of course last week there were many bumps in the road and we did not get all the way through our meal plan so this week we will revisit many of those ideas.

Monday: Everyone on their own. (gymnastics and baseball everyone is home late)

Tuesday: Potato Soup, Bread Machine Bread

Wednesday: Garlic Lime Chicken , smashed taters, mixed veggies

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie

Friday: Biscuit Pizza

Saturday: Leftovers

Our hair product usage just greatly increased...

On January 26, 2010 the hair product usage

in the Babydolls and Soccerballs house doubled.

The Twins went from shaggy mullet wearing baby boys to spiky haired big boys, in a matter of just a few clips and minutes.

Little Guy was the Shaggiest.

We ventured out to The Big City and went to Pigtails & Crewcuts. LOVED IT.

Not only did they do a great job, but these were gals I could picture myself being friends with. Although AJ had a good experience at the rival haircut place, I LOVE THIS ONE so much more!

I was concerned with how the babies would do. They are by far my smallest and youngest to receive haircuts. They did wonderful though!

Little Guy after his cut. Super cute!

(blogger is being wonky and won't let me move this photo down)

Big Guy went first and enjoyed being cut with the scissors and then was comfy enough to allow the clippers.

Big Guy getting some gel. He has a super cute front flip do.

Little Guy went second and was so good! He allowed the use of clippers right away and was adorable. He now sports a lovely faux hawk.

So as if JP did not use enough product, we now have TWO more little people with gunk in their hair! Love it!