Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I scream, You Scream...

We all scream
Sometimes it is nice to spoil the kids with ice cream before dinner. With four kids a typical ice cream outing would be too expensive to do on a regular basis. Today I got to be the hero to my children, with the help of free cone day at Ben & Jerry's.
So after school pick-up, I surprised the kids with a trip to the Landing for the sweet treat. It was a perfect day to sit outside by the lake eating ice cream. After the treat we walked the lake and then headed to soccer practices for both kids.
It was a perfect afternoon.

JP and AJ
Enjoying lemonade sorbet and vanilla ice cream after school pick-up.

She is definitely my daughter. We share a great love of ice cream!

Big Guy
Enjoying vanilla ice cream from a cup. He is usually the super fast little piggy eater, but he was savoring it.

Little Guy
My usually sloow social eater, wolfed his ice cream down and then started eating big brothers cone.

Little Guy

Big Guy


Shelley said...

How fun! Great pics. Maybe we'll make it next year!

Carissa said...

very cute! very sad i missed that event. forgot all about it.

Alana said...

We went after yummy! And you can't beat FREE!

Sherri said...

I made supper for Jeff and the boys last night then took my daughter and niece to the mall fir icecream at Maggie Moos. It was so much fun spoiling our appetites. It ended up the only thing I ate last night :).