Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Guy...

Little Guy
As I type this I am listening to your sweet sweet sounds as you refuse your nap. I don't blame you for not napping, I did not give you your paci. Your brother out of the blue gave up his paci a week or so ago, so today I thought I would test you and not give you one at nap time.
You are mommy's boy. When we are at home you would just assume to be held by me, or to have me very near. Although you keep me within sight, you are extremely curious.
And quick.
I love how when you are doing something you know is wrong, you run away squealing and giggling just as fast as your short little legs can carry you.
Your sweet voice is almost indescribable. A cute high pitch squeaky voice, dare I say almost girly. You don't have too many words, but the ones you have are complete sentences. Your favorite phrase is , "wha is dat". You don't call me mommy, but usually daddee. You have been calling daddy doo da. That just makes us laugh!
You have the most amazing blue eyes. You could say nothing with your mouth, but your eyes just speak volumes!
You will be the one to catch people off guard. You are the sweet one, who is also so curious. A dangerous combination if you ask me.
You can climb. This is new to me, since your big brother and sister were never really climbers. You love to climb up on to play tables and chairs. Anything that gets you up higher makes you smile, you are just so proud.
You have a love of all things cleaning. You just love vacuums and brooms. When Big Guy spills something you grab your broom and try to clean it up. You pick up pieces of trash and bring them to me.
Just in time for school pick up, you have now fallen asleep without your paci...I am so proud of you Little Guy!


JO said...

Hi - happened upon your blog - what a beautiful family you have. I have one girl with a bunch of boys too - lol.
And I remember paci withdrawals too, not always fun, but all in a day's journey.


Shelley said...

I love that second pic of little guy! And I agree, his blue eyes are very expressive.

Shelley said...

What an adorable little family you have! I noticed you commented over at HowDoesShe and are a new follower. We are so glad to have you! :) And your twins,...adorable!!! I have twin girls about the same age. So fun (and busy) huh?! -Shelley {}