Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some milestones bring tears...

There are those milestones that kids are excited for.

Milestones that bring laughter and joy.

And then there are milestones that may bring sadness or tears.

Tuesday we took sweet AJ to her very first eye exam. An eye exam is a new requirement for entrance into kindergarten.

I had a sneaking suspicion that she might actually need glasses, since when she reads she holds the book extremely close to her face.

When my very observant 5 year old overheard the doctor tell me that she would need to wear glasses her lip began to quiver and she broke down and cried.

She was heartbroken.

There is no worse feeling than holding your sobbing child when their heart has been crushed.

What she did not hear was that the doctor only wants her to wear them for reading, writing, watching tv, and other up close activities. She does not need to wear them while playing outside or for sports. The doctor also believes that it is possible for her eyes to perhaps improve. We will reevaluate in 4 months to see what is next.

She perked up a bit when we walked over to the glasses and I told her she could pick any pair she wanted. That by the way was a very big step for myself!

She looked a bit and then saw a pair of Vera*Bradley glasses. She was immediately sold, especially when she heard it came with the matching case.

Now she would like a matching backpack for the first day of school!

Isn't she just stinkin' cute?!

Yesterday was her first day at school with them and she was so nervous. Thankfully she has an incredible teacher who made her feel at ease.
I just pray that kids in the future are as nice to her as the kids in her class were!


Amanda said...

SOOOOOO cute!! She is such a gorgeous girl... glasses can only enhance that beauty!

I think I got a bit choked up reading about her sadness about the glasses... I am so glad she has a positive and loving momma who made it all better!


Heather said...

oh she is adorable!! They make her look so grown up though. I was starting to cry thinking of the visit - so glad she found a pair that made her feel better. you are a great mommy!

Alana said...

I love 'em. How is she liking them? Hopefully she is seeing the benefits by now!