Monday, April 26, 2010

April Showers Bring Stinky Shoes...

After what seemed to be almost a month, we finally received some rain on Friday.
It continued to rain through Saturday, but that did not stop The Galaxy from playing soccer. The best games are played in the rain, with a muddy field.
I huddled under an umbrella outside the fence with my camera, just hoping to snap some slip sliding muddy fun pics. Trying to shoot through the fence while holding an umbrella proved to be tricky!
JP had a great game. He used his new throw in technique, which he learned on Tuesday when he practiced with a more competitve team. The Galaxy boys had a great game with great attitudes and pulled out the big W.

check out the power in that leg. He has soccer thighs.

a quick toe touch to turn it around.

Look at that intensity in his face. He has an AWESOME throw in.

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i-facilitate said...

JP probably has a good chance of learning how to do a throw in by flipping with his gymnastic skills too! You get much longer throw that way, but most can't do it.

His thigh muscles are pretty crazy looking for a 9 year old!