Friday, April 16, 2010


Tuesday this week JP told AJ that she could spend the night on Friday. He wanted her to sleep in his room for a movie night of The Chipmunks Squeakquel. She was so excited!
Fast forward to Thursday JP comes home from baseball practice and walks in the door and says, "I was invited to Bob's* party, but I can't go because I already promised AJ she could sleepover."
I asked him a few more times if he was sure and then I even emailed him a note to verify his choice. He assured me that he had a prior commitment, as well as a duty to his soccer team to be well rested for the big game on Saturday morning.
JP I am so proud of you. Honestly it would have been fine for you to skip the sleepover with AJ and attend the super fun party. I am even quite certain that your performance in the game tomorrow would not have been lacking, even if you had spent the night with friends. You show so much character, by sticking with your commitments. You are an honorable young man. Your sister will be sure to remember these little things you do to make her feel special.

*name was changed :-)


shabbyrosetreasures said...

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Amanda said...

Handsome and has great character??? Awesome!