Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter 2010...

Not only did we get to celebrate Easter with friends, but we got to celebrate with both families too!

Our tradition is to wake Sunday morning and attend church. After church we celebrate the Easter Bunny by hunting eggs and baskets inside our house. After that we usually go to Aaron's parents house for an outdoor egg hunt and lunch. Then we end the day with an egg hunt, basket finding, and sit down dinner at my parents house.

It is a full fun day.

I just wish we still got Monday off of school, for a day of rest!

Wow! We are all looking at the camera!

JP's basket was hidden behind all the food in the pantry cabinet.

Little Guy found his basket on this shelf on the end table. He was the first to find a basket!

Big Guy was quick to find his basket under this chair, shortly after Little Guy found his.

AJ found her basket under the bathroom sink in the guest bathroom.

All 4 kiddos with their baskets. The Bunny was good to our house!


Shelley said...

Great family pic!

i-facilitate said...

you sure do like spiky, mohawk hair on your boys :)